Keloid Scars

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Walking through a place of humans and greedy moss that grapples streets,

Wafting on a wave of hubris and weaning off the battle’s teats,

The park and grass are hard at math and live through this sinner’s dream,

A shard of glass and heart of gas that whips through the wintergreen,

Pleading for the wordless, and then glossing up the burnt leather,

Eating all the birches and then coughing up the bird feathers,

With the potter under building roofs to prop a martyr on their hilly dunes to race to the one line,

Like a monster in a ghillie suit to walk on water to a lily truth and blaze like the sunshine,

To build a future from human ground, wanting for the something found,

They killed my rooster and threw him down, rotting on the fucking ground,

Go inspect if it’s nice, and no one left in a split fast,

No respect for this life and no respect for the whiplash,

Living for them all had then led us to the wall that the stormy weather loves,

Kick us in the balls and then rid us of our faults for the morning never comes,

A colder fate to live in hells once to breathe and avoid a beating,

I’ll hold the gate and pinch myself just to see the point of bleeding,

A place where loss is grand, and the grand are touched with loss,

The waves will wash the sand as the sand that rushed the rocks,

Rush through truth and wars for peace for artists that they hindered,

Love to you and yours in these, the darkest of the winters.



“For a price, I’ll be the Devil for you, and I’ll even walk the Earth to do my bidding. But for the world and your life – there is no plane I would not touch.”

  • So says, The Government

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Big Sal

Sat 12th Jan 2019 01:32

Unfortunately I myself would price their worth of care at about a pint of piss. Actually, scratch that. Consider it like a shot glass worth.

Without the grain of salt.😭


Fri 11th Jan 2019 23:45

Twenty pieces of silver


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Big Sal

Sat 5th Jan 2019 18:54

Thank you to everyone who has read or liked this.

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Big Sal

Sat 5th Jan 2019 15:57

Thanks Jon.

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Big Sal

Sat 5th Jan 2019 01:08

Thank you, Lisa. I'm glad you could enjoy it. Plenty more where this came from, and more to follow until at least late February.

Stop by any time.😁

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lisa donohoe

Sat 5th Jan 2019 00:51

That sent massive shivers down my spine, very deep and beautifully written well done 😃

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Big Sal

Sat 5th Jan 2019 00:14

It's not even about the devil we know anymore, all we know has devolved into having two evils and choosing them both. People will never wake the hell up, so it is best to teach the children right from wrong and invest in them instead of dipshits our own age that refuse to listen to reason, logic, or anything that goes against their beliefs.

I refuse to lead horses to water anymore, as all they do for me is either refuse to drink or drown.😭

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