Be Still

Ponder the wonders of life….   The mysteries that await discovery

The things you know…  Yet have never seen nor heard

Feel for the essence of truth within you… Not in this 'screen' world of illusions and lies

But deep within the silence, silencing the crys


In the ether of your mind… Not the cable from the wall

Nor the confines of the net… Let infinity's confines fall

Lift your eyes up from the screen, so opaque and oblique

A downward spiral so addictive, that blinds the truth's we seek




◄ Truth

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Sat 5th Jan 2019 09:59

Jon when I feel that ill wind blowing that tips the scales one way then the other in quick succession I know I have to find that still small space in between and sit silent and motionless.

Life is a continuous balancing act old friend, without meditation in my life the last half a century would have been far more turbulent of that I'm 100% certain.

Your support is a constant source of strength.


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Jon Stainsby

Sat 5th Jan 2019 09:36

Balance is so important

<Deleted User> (16837)

Fri 4th Jan 2019 06:11

This poem of yours has two different concepts....first about the truth which is yet not discovered due to lack of introspection n contemplation and the other theme is about addiction to on screen portrayed realities which could b a lie.
But both these concepts are interwoven with a single thread of truth n reality.
Bang on!! Finally....phew👍🌷💗🙌


Thu 3rd Jan 2019 18:02

Keith thank you for your comments mate.

I do worry about our youth of today, if I'm to be 100% honest

The cyber world is, or can be a very spiteful place for those of us with a more sensitive dis po sistion.


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keith jeffries

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 17:49

This poem speaks the truth. It is well written, succinct and worthy of acclaim.
Thank you for this

<Deleted User> (16837)

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 11:11

Dear Po, you are extremely popular on WOL. Great poets are keeping a record of your time being devoted here. Its a good task to write poems and maintain records....😂


Thu 3rd Jan 2019 11:01

Brain You are 100% correct at this moment in time.

I am on leave. I find that reading poetry and scribbling down the odd verse now and then is a great form of relaxation and enjoyment for me.

This morning I have cried with Don, laughed with you, agreed with some, disagreed with others, and in all this, learned my friend we are all the same and all so vastly different.

It is good to be reminded of that still small voice within mate, and I thank you for this.

I am fully convinced that the modern communication world is both a blessing and a curse in varying degrees.

I hold to the truth that you always get more of what you focus on my old friend.

That is why I have been spending a few more hours on WOL of late than normal.

The internet is a weapon of immeasurable force... For good and evil alike. The old adage springs to mind here Brain of "Fight fire with fire".

There are some great word slingers here. Some fire from the hip, some from the heart and some fire from their rrrrrrss
they tend to be the shit slingers lol

Welcome all.

I have missed you and your comments and insight lately

Please don't be a stranger


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Brian Maryon

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 10:42

A great sentiment Po, but do you practise what you preach as you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on this site?


Thu 3rd Jan 2019 10:35

Ha ha Ghaz nope!

You got it in a nanosecond.

But please don't let me stop you... NO WAIT!


<Deleted User> (16837)

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 10:30

Another good write up.....need several hours of reflection n contemplation to understand it to its core👍

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