When writing shall we dare call it poetry

I, because of my lack of academic learning

cannot seek inspiration the classics,

except for the god Sisyphus which

I find funny realising I`m laughing at self.

The lacuna between me and poetry I have

tried to fill with words, one day I can build

a park for lovers,

At my relative old age which is no more

then a blinking star I have read hundreds

of books that have been stuck on my mind.

A few writers name are remembered,

most of the American writers, sprinkled

by Norwegian and Russian authors.

When writing I draw from this well

what I need to cobble together the wisdom

which is everlasting, because I`m bringing

forward what has been said before me.


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Thu 3rd Jan 2019 10:44

Jan there is a vast knowing of the unknown here in your succinct words that poets should be seeking I believe.

Yes we can be inspired by others writing but just to rearrange their words is like 'the same shit in a different bucket' to put it crudely.

"Lift up thine eyes" and all that kind of stuff mate.

Enjoyable poetry.


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