religion versus culture

Religion versus culture


If the Dutch had adopted the Koran

made churches into mosques would Holland

be different for it is today?

I don`t think so. Because of

 their characters

and culture would have reminded active

travelling the world for a business opportunity.

Been Moslems in name only as they are

Christians in the name just today

The Islamic rule that works in the backwater

of, say, Pakistan could not be applied

in Netherland, the people were too educated

 to swallow wholesale the Islamic dogma

in the end, culture is more important than religion.


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<Deleted User> (19913)

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 10:08

Interesting take Jan. It also explains why Islam and Christianity are practiced so differently from region to region - cultural influence is key. It will be interesting to watch the commentary on this one. Happy New Year.😊

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