Mrs. Slocum, Would You Be Mine?

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She embraced less than middlemen once to feign a price to sell,

She escaped Death’s imprisonment just to gain a life in Hell,

Love the ones that take ‘em home if the homes make love to malice,

But her sons were made of stone and her stones made up the chalice,

A limp jump with witless fucks (this is luck) that kick the dust to then raise a rifle,

A pimp cup and visage stuck, is this enough to piss and fuss or to break the cycle?

It’s just no one could supplant for the grace of their memories,

Mrs. Slocum would you dance on the graves of our enemies?

Half the lions crawling back, sick of civil lies and pawns,

Dandelions falling fast, chicken-little-skies are gone,

A rose’s wood and own sepia is hardly tree or cedar truth,

Posies pushing poinsettias and possibly piñas too,

Pies on a plate are the skies to a kid when their hunger is demolished,

Rise from the grave like a fly from the shit and then wonder where the wall is.


Dragging out the fallen fools when happy for the final word,

Breaking down like molecules or badly like we’re Heisenberg,

Errant bliss beneath we, the reed’s weeds in water,

Meredith bequeath me and beseech thee no longer,

A tug through to the room that’s black as dichotomy of the wrong oven,

I love you to the moon and back – the epitome of a strong woman.

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Big Sal

Fri 11th Jan 2019 13:16

Thanks for picking out the lines that stuck out for you, Mae, and for being the lonely commentator on this piece.

It also had more likes, but let's just say insecurity won out for some. Again.


Nevertheless, you going back to read these pieces brings me hope that all is not lost to the archives!

Keep going.👍

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Mae Foreman

Fri 11th Jan 2019 09:42

"Pies on a plate are the the skies to a kid when their hunger is demolished
Rise from the grave like a fly from the shit and then wonder where the wall is"

Strong stuff. Sticks with you.
Thank you/
Have an awesome year!

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Big Sal

Tue 1st Jan 2019 20:51

Thank you everyone for reading.

No hard feelings, Brian, I saw you hit the 'like' button.😅

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Big Sal

Tue 1st Jan 2019 00:01

Happy New Year beautiful people!

Here's my poetic toast to all of you, and although this one may not be on my next release, consider it a taste of things to come. A spiritual successor if you will.

I hope to see more of all your work and to churn out some gems myself.

Keep reading folks!😎🎆🎇🎈🎊

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