the mouser

The Mouser         


I friend of mine has an old moggy she says

help her to write successful books about suburban life,

big gardens and flowers; envious I tried to find

A cat had seen one outside the apartment building.

grabbed it and scratched but when I hit the pus

over the head with a stone until it lies still in my hands.

Next morning I fed it and gave it water the tabby had

left a pile on my Persian rug, while cleaning the mess

The feline sent an email to the protection of animals

and signed it with a paw, this incensed me so much

I threw the cat out.

A knock on my door it was the cat people about an email

I have no cat; they sniffed around not convinced, left.

In the evening a scratching on my door I knew it was

the bloody moggy, people knock on doors, opened it

slightly told it to fuck off, you said on me!

The cat said it was hungry and had nowhere to sleep,

but shut the door in its face I heard it take the lift down.

Next day I found the cat sleeping in a card box in

the garage I reversed the car to scare it, but it ran out

spat: “I will report you, you heartless brute.”

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