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Paralysis of the heart

Involves a continuing lack of empathy

For anybody outside

Our small circle of experience. 

Epiphanies - sudden, striking realizations

Where we see into the heart of things

As in the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles

Commemorated on the feast of the epiphany 

Epiphany can free us from paralysis:

All we need to do is to forget  all that we expected,

Undo any falseness in ourselves,

Any hypocisy or cowardice;

Look upon the world with smiling eyes

Time wrecks everything except for faith

Marriages crumble

Families disperse

All epics and rhapsodies

Flee from our lives

Leaving us amidst the mute greyness of despair

If we lack faith in what is not there.

The hour of our birth

The hour of our death

Should not be barriers but portals

From which we see into the life of things:

Icicles, stalagmites and stalactites,

Preserve us from the contagion of greed

The stupidity of selfishness

Let us be the bog poets

Exploring the depths 

Living in the wilderness of our hearts

And imaginations

Reaching out to those

Who came before or after

And avoiding the detritus of Homo Sapiens - 

The killer species.


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Jon Stainsby

Mon 31st Dec 2018 07:22

Humanity is missing a lot of empathy.

Great poem, John.


Sun 30th Dec 2018 23:49

…"Leaving us amidst the mute greyness of despair

If we lack faith in what is not there"...

This line makes perfect sense to a Leo with Scorpio rising!

This is a superb rhyming masterful piece of art John


Big Sal

Sun 30th Dec 2018 20:45

Let us be the bog poets, John.

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