Sleeping Pills

Then let it be so,

If this is what you have chosen.

If you have given all

Only to give it up;

If your lips have lied a thousand times,

Then all of this was never light.

And don't tell me that they didn't, 

Don't tell me that it was,

Because if that was truly what you believed, 

You wouldn't have been able to say goodbye to me.

Your choice screams loud,

The most deafeningly silent sound.

Face hidden and eyes shut tight,

You won't even notice that one by one,

The lights will begin to burn out. 

And so it will be until there are none,

Until my soul is known by no one,

Until I can forget the truth we had found.


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Hallie Elle

Mon 31st Dec 2018 00:33


I needed every letter and punctuation mark that you commented.

Thank you.


Mon 31st Dec 2018 00:02

This is poetry!

This is where we find our-self!
and Hallielle Rose Dawson...



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