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The cells and bars are toiling from the navel to the shinbone,

The alquitar is boiling with the basil and the brimstone,

Pissing tests that prisons left to lift the dress and rape the groom,

Kissing Death while missions rest and give or bless the mason’s moon,

Fill the crate with quills and cake or shiller blades as martyrs rest,

Build or break the mill or lake with killers late and harvests next,

Till the flowers ‘til they bloom and bumble all the bees home,

Build a tower to the moon that crumbles to its keystone,

Show some heart if no one’s margins open arms with the cash that’s then flying free,

Roman arches, broken targets, oceans darkened, and the last of a dying breed,

Weather chafing on the lips if it’s with the Richter when it booms,

Never waking to the wicked and the wickers in the room,

Pictures find the masterpiece to battle back and bury mamas,

Wickers line the mantelpiece and candles stand like terracotta,

Roll ‘em in the hay like they’re daughters with a priest pal,

Golems of the clay and the monsters of the east now,

Choke on floss and smoke the cross so spoke the boss to drag the scene to heavy rain,

Open maws with broken jaws and hope to God that mangosteen is everything,

A ditch to waste and dig to grace or live a place to take the bets and motions too,

A brick or lace that hit the face could bridge the praise with vaguer threats and open wounds,

Like glowing goo is supposed to do with loaded truths to goad the hue to darken next,

A docent through the chosen few was hoping you could smoke or chew to market death,

Maggots burn with guardsmen if the guardsmen are the tyrants,

Agate turns to carbon and the carbon into diamonds,

Shield the veal from drowning fathers as the kings are strained and die in their homes,

Fill the still with mountain water since the springs are drained and dry to the bone,

Spill the blood of the lambs and kick back encouragement,

Fill the cup of your hands to give back in nourishment.

an epic argumentdistilled thoughtsholorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 2

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Big Sal

Sun 30th Dec 2018 16:11

Thank you, Hannah. Best of luck and wishes for the New Year to you and yours.

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Hannah Collins

Sun 30th Dec 2018 15:54

Lots of very fine lines.
Excellent poetry.


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Big Sal

Sun 30th Dec 2018 13:11

Thank you everyone.

You're very welcome, Kate, and do enjoy your New Year as well.

Ha, thanks Kevin! I was hoping someone would take notice.

All the best, Anya.😁

Thanks, Jon. Best of luck to you too.

I'm glad you all could enjoy this piece. For those of you that do not know what it is, an 'alquitar' is a nearly ancient type of Moorish distillation. It is a single pot meant to distill oils in a single apparatus instead of a cooler, a condenser, a boiling pot, etc.

Keep an eye out on 2019 folks, I am planning on continuing to post some free poems up until my next book is released. I cannot wait to share this with all of you, so all the best until then.💪

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Kate G

Sun 30th Dec 2018 12:38

And...this is a great one. Each line worthy of reading over and over. You never disappoint Big Sal. Thank you for your support through 2918 and helping me to feel braver about sharing my poems. Happy New Year!

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kJ Walker

Sun 30th Dec 2018 11:11

This is an absolute masterclass in how to write rhymes. I take my cap off to you.
All the best for next year.


Sun 30th Dec 2018 09:08


Thank you Big Sal!!! All best to you!!! 😘

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Jon Stainsby

Sun 30th Dec 2018 01:22

A wizard of words.

All the best to you in 2019.


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Big Sal

Sun 30th Dec 2018 01:13

Hey folks, this is my last post of 2018 and wanted to post something good.

Thank you to all who have been reading during the holidays and keeping the viewership up and running. Thanks to all who support even in the smallest way. Thanks to all that have collaborated with me on poems so far. Thanks for listening. Thanks for being readers in a world of non-stop speakers. Thank you for doing what most fail to do, and that is be a part of something bigger than yourself.

There are too many to thank individually on a teeny comment board, but know I appreciate all of you and what you have been doing. So, for the last couple days of the year, anyone that wishes to - feel free to continue reading and giving feedback where you wish to. It is always appreciated.

Thanks for all the good times so far WOL, and here's to many more in the future. 🌷

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