The Mathematics of Genocide

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We are the Êzîdî 

We have lived in Mesopotamia for 6000 years

Our eyes burn with the fire of Zoroaster

We suffered 72 attempted genocides under the Ottomans

These attacks failed to extinguish our flame

It always came back again; always the same

Until now; since August 2014. Now we are

Scattered from Sinjar.

5000 men murdered

5000 women stolen into slavery

And still the west does not come.

The Islamist Turks are on a killing spree

Here in 2018.

Enslaved, murdered, reduced

We still cling to the Peacock Angel

Melek Taus who was forgiven by God.

In Mesopotamia we used to be everywhere

20 million of us now reduced to half a million

Even Êzîdî children were murdered by Daesh

For not being Muslim

For not being people of the book,

God forgive these Salafists

Our men were murdered,

Our women and children taken into slavery.

Murderers and rapists

I cannot forgive and I will not forget.

Victory to the YPG

Victory to all the western volunteers

Who fight Daesh and the Turks with us

Free Kurdistan!



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Sat 29th Dec 2018 21:24

making more sense of this nonsense

Hats off to you


Sat 29th Dec 2018 15:13

Crumbs John

I am unsure of most of what you have penned here.

It is a great read.

I adore it when the esoteric becomes exoteric.

We have to wait a long time before the buried truth is uncovered


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