The unpurged images of day

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The King of the moon came looking for her

With blood dripping from his mouth

And a wide toothy smile as wide as the Bosphorous.

Aristomenos became the daughter of the Ancient Man.

Did everything she can to remain Byzantine

But the Ottomans raped her and laughed at her and smoked hashish.

She asked herself what the Greeks said about murder

And refrained. Uttering such-and-such platitudes

She reassured her bridgroom and submitted.

Most of the Greeks trusted this, and their fathers

Became Muslim. They no longer exalted the mysteries of belief.

They were worse than the Janissaries

Staffed by Christian youths from the Balkan provinces

Who were forcibly converted to Islām on being drafted into the Ottoman service. 

This is how a civilization crumbles.


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Big Sal

Fri 28th Dec 2018 23:22

Each line is a collector's piece.

That last line though is the last of its kind.

I wish more people would read good poetry.

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