Mainstream Student Party

Mainstream Student Partying


a boiling scrum of raucous

tarty boys and tattooed girls

all wearing flesh-revealing

fishnet tights for ‘Carnage Nite’ –


arching the ‘white noise’ clamour

for ‘something we can dance to’

coke-dust nostrils snorted clear

Rizlas cursed coming unglued,


somebody is crying




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Thu 27th Dec 2018 09:35

Thanks, both, I had the 'tartytattooed boy/girls' image and wondered what to do with it. Then the last line came to mind - after that it was 'join the dots' - maybe my triste xmas prompted the emotion ?

Raymondo, 'Animal House' ?? Don't enlighten me - cannot have my head sullied ?

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Wed 26th Dec 2018 16:28

This reminds me of the toga party in Animal House Rick. Strong stuff. Well over the top and glorious.


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Hannah Collins

Wed 26th Dec 2018 14:11

Strong imagery and poignant ending.


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