Love & War

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Flowers burn like brush when the tables turn to smack you,

Hours turn to dust and the angels turn to statues,

As honorary as a pittance for those nominally in appearance when they storm the evil lair,

A mockery of existence if this lottery is a business and they form a people’s chair,

Daddy left from his wife and babe with foresight of the snippet sold,

Happiness is a live grenade, a fortnight in the frigid cold,

When born to kill, the best of friends is leading their own lives pal,

A fort to build, a testament that’s screaming to the skies now,

Broken love wears us down, know it now and kick ‘em still,

Open up, tear it out, throw it out the window sill,

Wash the shawl, walk the crawl, fumbling through an ample search,

Watch it fall, rocks and all, tumbling to the fragile earth,

Miss the birch in Death’s abode and save another broom a sweep,

Kiss the dirt and bless the road that gave your mother room to breathe,

West of Nile and homes of stone lives a place that raises dolls,

Bless the child that holds his own, wicked ways will take us all,

Blood is pressed to kiss the bones like Troodons are laid to rest,

Love is left to give your ones, and two have gone to take the test,

Laid to rest on ashy roads, anything for nothing paid,

Satyrs, wisps, and happy toads, everything on Judgement Day,

A flight above the anguish when the horcrux is divine,

To like that love and language are the constructs of the mind.

as fair as you can make itBig Salhappy holidays everyoneholorimemore shit happens

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Big Sal

Wed 26th Dec 2018 12:45

Thanks to the rest of you for coming back to read this.

Kate, happy holidays to you and yours as well. Hope this season is full of joy for you. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Have a great one.

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Kate G

Wed 26th Dec 2018 12:24

Happiness is a live grenade, a fortnight in the frigid cold,...

Great line in a piece full of great lines Big Sal. Happy Holidays to you and those dear to you. 😊

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Big Sal

Tue 25th Dec 2018 13:14

Thank you for reading this, Ghazala, Avishek, and Anya.


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Big Sal

Mon 24th Dec 2018 13:18

Happy holidays to everyone. Next poem won't come 'til after Christmas, so I thought I'd leave this little gift for all of you.

Once February comes, I plan on releasing a free downloadable .zip file containing all these new poems I am releasing in case you miss some because of your other duties in life.

Be kind. Be patient. Be aware. And most of all - be grateful.


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