Blustering Buffoons


How much care for our nations sons

to toss them glibly toward the guns?

is that how love of country is measured

with sacrifice of blood most treasured?


To profess such pride in fields of stone,

and lay red wreaths at tombs unknown

how great might be that other path?

of Mothers Pride where children laugh.


And what of those who puff their chests?

the blazered men with gilt gold crests,

who feign regret with tear filled eyes

yet rarely think to question why.

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<Deleted User> (18474)

Mon 24th Dec 2018 09:16

There are so many alternatives to conflict.
The reasons people choose to fight are as numerous as the people who choose to fight.
The reasons people tell other people to fight are the same, because they've been told to.
Every mother's greif is the same, as terrible as the next.
I'm sure every soldiers memories of conflict are different, and the reason they puff out their chests, also. My great grandad never worn his medals. But every year in November he paraded, he said to remember his best friend. I don't think he was feigning his regret. Very sad.
One thing is constant conflict changes everyone involved. Many permanently damaged.
You are right Wolfgar. There are so many alternatives, especially considering the consequences.


Sun 23rd Dec 2018 08:23

David you have answered your own questions and exacted the same response as myself.

Alans poem is black and white.

I am still grieving for 'Paddy' as I'm sure you are also my friend.

I fear the world is changing at an exponential rate.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 23rd Dec 2018 07:42

Thanks for the likes and the reading folks.

I'm unsure of what context the quote "Ours is not to question why, ours is just to do or die" is being used in your comment Po, Is it in agreement with that ethos or are you being ironic?

The scribble is advocating questioning and not to adhere to convenient quotes wheeled out by those who think themselves wise when in real terms they are often blustering buffoons. Stoic quotes are great fodder to encourage people "over the top" frankly its complete bollox.

Anyone who quotes "The times they are a changing" thinking it to wholly represent how the world moves forward clearly isn't paying that much attention to human history, whilst indeed time rolls on unrelenting, things do change but only in a cyclical manner...stick around long enough and it all comes around.

Times change human nature and behaviour does not.

Thanks all, in despair!



Sat 22nd Dec 2018 11:27

Ours is not to reason why
ours is just to do or die

The days are numbered for the blind and deaf buffers David

"The times they are a changing"



Sat 22nd Dec 2018 11:12

They know! ... But dare not ask the question why Wolf, for fear of questioning every thing they have been led to believe in is a lie.

That path is the road we march blindly to death... to death and damnation to all nations who freely give their youth to fight for the lies that leave them lying ceaselessly beneath the ground they gave their very life for.

Blustering Buffoons


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