a great man (Harry)

 The Great Man


Harry Lesly Smith was born poor in a slum

he had no education but rose above because

he was of a sunny nature.

I read excerpts from his book (he wrote several)

and he expresses himself in a pure working class

vernacular way and since he was not a famous

literate one thinks his book sells modestly.

I too was born in the slum and Homes, finally

ending my boyhood at a farm for the rebellious.

By nature, I’m five minutes before midnight

and tend to see the darker colour of the time

we live in, these the last hours before the world

explode and hurtle through space.

I too have published several books of what I call

“alternative poetry” I can`t even give my books

and have never sold a book through Amazon

or bookshops.

I liked Harry he represented the excellent human

and I will remember him well 

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 21st Dec 2018 12:44

If we look around - we'll be sure to find
We're the sum of what we leave behind;
Be it something in material terms defined,
Or just an image in someone's mind.

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