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the room  is crowded, sultry 

with an air of frustration

the functionary loves his power

to make people wait for necessary pieces

of paper:

some need to register births, others deaths,

they sway and smell of drink

others stink of sweat with holes in their clothes

a woman is beginning to screech and plead

she is pregant - see - and has cildren to see to

the functionary draws the blinds

it is very hot and not yet 10am

one or two people are waving bank notes at him

he sees these first: one is paying a fine, the other taxes

it is nice to talk to educated people, with money

next he sees the pregnant woman who has an uncompleted form requesting assistance in the form of vitamins for her

his coffee has arrived, he slurps as he drinks

as he registers births, marriages, deaths

as he deals with permissions for change of use, alterations, bedrooms, kitchens

the committee will review these - in time - 

he often looks out of the window but all he can see is the gallows tree


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Big Sal

Sat 22nd Dec 2018 01:05

Incredibly done on the whole piece, but I love that last line. Like the best of film, poetry, and art all wrapped in one, nicely wrapped package.

Thanks for constantly producing the highest quality poetry available, John.

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