A Mother’s Lament

Brother In Arms   ( A  Mother’s lament )


I watched the first snow of the year upon the ground start to appear                          

Sadly you both are so far away, God keep you safe, daily I pray                                      

Safe and out of harm’s way, to fight again another day                                                     

In alien lands that are so distant, where life can change in just an instant                  

Hidden ‘IED’s’ that kill and mane.  To bring them freedom, the reason you came.          

Children crying because their mum has lost another beloved son.                              

Brother in arms is not meant to be this literal.  His life now spent                                     

But my dear son, by your side I’m comforted to know with you he died.                                              

The sand is soaked, stained blood red, where you now stand, and he lies dead.

Proud his father went before, I must now endure this sorrow once more                                

As he too, for his country fought.  Like Father, like Son, such pain, they both wrought  

Now together again, and reunited remain...  Killed in a war that is truly insane.

And as I watch, it’s not the winters chill that freezes my blood, so much I feel ill          

It’s the knowledge one day my youngest son too, will seek the adventure and join both of you.  

He is playing in the snow still unaware, this Christmas morning is not full of cheer.              

As I must tell him this cold and sorrowful morn the reason why once again we will mourn.    

Bless you my angel for being such a brave loving Son, holding your brother in arms,

                                                                                                   ‘till his life here was done.




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<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 23rd Dec 2018 10:09

Merry solstice....beginning of one, end of another......i hope it is merry as my last one....phew!!! Time once goes never returns....v shud try to make the best use of our time. A lesson learnt for life?

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Sun 23rd Dec 2018 06:53

Thank you Ghazala

How all too often we overlook the depth of sorrow for those left behind after any war.

The reality of that loss is rekindled in some mothers lives time after time. A pain that I'm sure never fully goes away.

…"Reminds me of the sahabas of sallahu alaihiwassalam's times"

I will have to look this up Ghaz.

Merry Solstice to you and all you hold dear.

<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 23rd Dec 2018 02:59

Reminds me of the sahabas of sallallahu alaihiwassalam's times. The mothers and wives were so brave as depicted in your poem. A mother's plight, yet she is hopeful and prepared. Such bravehearts as never born again.
Well penned!!!

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Thu 20th Dec 2018 15:43

M.C. You say … "There can be no nation of comparable size that
has put its sons in harm's way so often and at such cost."

I must agree my friend and we should mention daughters and the huge animal costs which only now are getting the recognition they deserve

What a wonderful example "War Horse" is of this.

The debt this country owes it men and women who willingly give their lives could never be repaid.

The lost generations grieves me.


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Thu 20th Dec 2018 15:36

Thank you Clarke, I am enjoying reading your stuff mate.

Have a great Christmas


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Thu 20th Dec 2018 15:35

Thank you Taylor for taking the time to not only read my poem but add the human dimension... the feelings that poetry can engender.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Dec 2018 15:02

A lament that has its resonance from times past in our history. How
many mothers must have seen their sons set off to war in distant
lands and suffered the unimaginable grief of the telegram delivered
to their door....or in later years, the personal visit by regimental
representatives. There can be no nation of comparable size that
has put its sons in harm's way so often and at such cost.

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Thu 20th Dec 2018 11:13


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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 20th Dec 2018 06:45

I felt this mother's pain Po so well articulated. So many mother's in this world suffering loss. Marching bravely on through life in the sure and certain knowledge that more sorrow awaits them. Poignant, stark in its truth. Excellent.

It's not the winters chill that freezes my blood so much, I feel ill.

I know that feeling.

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