Hymn to hypocrisy



Show me three gift-less paupers and a shrouded starless night

vacant rooms and fears allayed a Royal beauty shining bright

a crown of thorns unpicked of brambles and a covenant of rights

our truth is marching on


Give them all stamped passports with passage calm and free

give them life-preservers on a milky charted flat-top sea

give them shoes and food not fished from bins contamination free 

our truth is marching on


Sheath the terrible swift sword to fall un-blooded by your side 

and un-blind the blinded eyes for which the saviour worthless cried 

then crush the Serpents head tear out the fork with which he lied

our truth is marching on


For my eyes have seen the sadness in the coming of the hordes

who's minds are scarred with madness only ignorance affords

as the hulking vessels smash their precious cargo on our shores

our truth is marching on



Glory glory hallelujah

Glory glory hallelujah

we erased your filthy names before we knew ya

our truth is marching on      

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 20th Dec 2018 14:54

Thanks for the new comments all, very much appreciated.

Today is my last day working before a week off over Christmas. I can't wait to spend some proper time with my boy and those who can still tolerate me.

Can't wait for a drink and Christmas movies, make myself blub to Jimmy Stewart again...every bloody year he gets me, him and the Grinch. Christmas is a fantasy we should really attempt to make happen, if only for those we can hold on to.

In all sincerity, have a great Christmas...but don't forget to do something, at least one thing for those less fortunate. If you're struggling reach out to someone, people are capable of great compassion.

Lots of good vibes going out to you,



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Hazel ettridge

Thu 20th Dec 2018 09:37

My imagination has fast forwarded to a tv drama where this is the opening closing overture.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 20th Dec 2018 07:00

What can I say David except.. Brilliant..you are an amazing poet. in your own way as much a force of nature as your grandfather.
We learn so much about each other from both our poetry and our comments..x

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 19th Dec 2018 23:14

What can I say really, thanks for the generous comments.

There was no divine intervention involved with this piece so I guess I really did create it all by myself.

I like to strip myself down and show my vulnerability, almost in the hope that others might do the same. I sang the audio to expose my own fragility, also I like to attempt things which are not so commonly seen or heard on the site.

Thanks again all.



Wed 19th Dec 2018 17:37

FFS. Wolf you can't write marvels like this by yourself can you?

You are a fucking god mate sorry for the 'f' word


I might delete the question mark and put an exclamation mark.

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Wed 19th Dec 2018 15:49

I just wanted to say that it is obvious to me that you are closer to the spirit of humanity than most casual devotees in the religious fraternity. So much must be taken for granted in the baptism of beliefs that your poetry takes wings and looks down from where cherubic beings fight for supremacy. I know that makes no sense but does anything when truly analysed?

Incidentally, you're not supposed to blaspheme on the site.

Yours humbled.


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Hazel ettridge

Wed 19th Dec 2018 15:06

You always write from your frontier, from where the view is far reaching, all encompassing and unblinkered. The Nativity references are stark and familiar and invite us into the heart of our humanity. Much good may it do us. Much good may it do them. You are such a great poet.

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 19th Dec 2018 07:29

Thankyou Jon, I truly appreciate your support. I am becoming engulfed in a feeling of helplessness...I will not let it beat me.

Thanks pal.

"The Battle Hymn of the Republic" was my Grandfathers favourite Hymn. My Grandfather was the most devout man I ever knew, he sang the loudest in the congregation, he built Churches FFS!...he was a force of nature. Unfortunately God got him, I still love the old bugger, but its fair to say I have no faith that I will ever see him again.

I'd rather help people now than help myself to eternity, fuck that nonsense.


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Jon Stainsby

Wed 19th Dec 2018 07:22

I love this, David.

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