the dilemma

 The Human Dilemma


   We say children are born innocent but not for long,

   waking up in the nursery alone and in the dark night

   it naturally cries the baby get attention this discovery

   is not and for parents` sleepless nights.

   A baby`s first thought is born.

   With it, a personality evolves, darkness or light

  a conflict that will always be there; when it is an adult

  and darkness sometimes overshadows the lighter side.

  There is an inner voice in us all tells us when we have

  been wrong a voice we too often ignore.

  If we delve too deep into this mystery, we end up

  in a sort of religion that will not give us a proper answer

  other than being a follower a disciple of a sect.

  We must accept this dual personality within us and try

stay on the light side and be honest about our failures.



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