Snezes and Wheezes

An ordinary cold is a hateful thing

With sneezes and wheezes and coughing that bring

Tremulous moments while holding one’s breath

Trying to stave off once more a feeling of death.


The mornings of glory no longer abound

The nights filled with snoring, a ghastly old sound.

With days hard to get through and work gone askew

While others are playing or getting their due.


No more feeling happy, no more feeling sad

There’s only the feeling of just feeling bad

And hope of recov’ry that once seemed so near

Is lost like a mem’ry and moments of fear.


As days filled with sneezing and wheezing move on

And glimmers of hope that this cold will be gone

For sooner or later there must be a day

When the ordinary cold has outlived its stay.

coldscomic poem

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Big Sal

Sun 16th Dec 2018 21:42

A lot of rhythm to be had in this poem about feeling under the weather.

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