this is not alt-right and I am not a proponent of nationalism


Cedar boughs weigh heavy with rain

as if limbs of battle weary men,

still they stand unbowed they refrain,

awaiting the onslaught again.


Unwavering like nations in blood

reaching higher each drop that is shed,

for whatever be lost in the flood

comes rebirth in the roots as they spread.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 18th Dec 2018 15:02

Thanks for the likes folks, much appreciated.

Not been on as much or having the time to write as much, stupidly busy period running up to Crimbo!

Lots of ideas and thoughts brewing for the New Year though.

Hope everyone is getting their Christmas sorted out, if that is your thing obviously. We shouldn't assume everyone is particularly interested in celebrating the birth of Christ, I for one certainly am not. But I like shiny stuff and baubles.

May your God go with you.

David M.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 17th Dec 2018 13:08

Hi Martin and Beno.

thankyou both for taking time out to read and comment.

I am spending quite a bit of time in the company of trees at the moment, it seems they have got into my psyche. There are in particular some lovely Cedars which have been impressing me daily.

Beno, when it comes to metaphors and analogy's we can tie ourselves up in knots, sometimes metaphors can become blurred and cross contaminated I think that can cause some confusion, but its fun all the same.

Your dissection of the piece is pretty much spot on and I am impressed with your reading of it. Sorry, that isn't meant to patronise it's just refreshing to hear that meaning can be communicated succesfully, so thanks for that.

It has always seemed to me when I have been involved in physical conflict that the sooner the leaders of opposing sides actually speak to each other the sooner things might get resolved. Most people who are involved in prolonged hostile conflict sooner or later come to realise its futility. It is a shame that humanity has not yet got beyond the warring phase of that process, I doubt it ever will. Also the killing of people often merely creates further resistance as you have noted. Obviously there are immediate operational reasons why some things must be done, but on so many occasions I have seen actions carried out which simply feed fire.

There is also one element that hasn't been discussed here yet, and that is of the indocrination of hostile resistance as opposed to mediation and understanding. Many institutions and organisations indoctrinate their young to resist and to hate, often these teachings are corrupted and perverted and can only be overcome by the realisation of those indoctrinated that they have been lied to, this is the aspect of the piece which convinced me to add a question mark to the title. Is it stoic to resist when the principles for which you resist or fight are a lie, or is that just not ignorance and/or manipulation? with maybe an element of blind allegance thrown in for good measure.

Any way I should stop, I have to go and visit my trees again.

Thanks again and all the best,


<Deleted User> (18474)

Mon 17th Dec 2018 09:53


The Cedar is a symbol of holiness, eternity, peace, and longevity, It is the symbol of strength in the Lebanon, and more recently a symbol of resistance in Palestine. As BBC News' Bethany Bell wrote, the cedar is "a symbol of survival in a fractured land." I was wondering if this is what you refer to in the poem. Maybe the tree is one from the Cedars of God (Arz ar-Rabb - Cedars of the Lord).

I wondered if the analogy ( is it an analogy? Will someone tell me what an analogy is! Lol. And what the hell a metaphor is!) was between this holy tree, the resistance against oppression and the desire for peace (in particular the Middle East, as this is where is symbolism seems most important in the world).

The rain (blood) is oppression, and all that comes with it, isn’t it?

They are not battle weary soldiers at all are they?. They are oppressed people weary of violence and death, aren’t they?

The use of the word unbowed to describe the trees limbs under the weight of the rain is clever, as it can also means not yielding or submitting, as to defeat; notsubjugated. I also wondered if this is a description of the reaction of the oppressed people’s who live in this war torn region?

The use of the word refrain. Did you pick it coz it could also describe those oppressed who suffer in silence, and just bear it? (Refrain - to abstain from an impulse to say or do something.

The second verse. Are you saying that the oppression of people’s (nations), makes them more likely to resist? The Bible says the roots of the cedar tree run deep and this is what gives it it’s strength. Are you saying those who fall under oppression, and all that is lost, feeds the roots of resistance. The roots being underground of course; running deep, like underground resistance? Giving a people’s it strength?

I might of read your poem wrong. If I have I’m sorry. But does it matter? t’s a fantastic poem to me. I really love it.

If I’ve over analysed it, I’m sorry also (I think that some people think I'm doing this). But I’ve not hurt anyone by doing that. And whats the point of reading a poem if you don’t really want to understand it. Surely I would have missed out something.

This is just an amazing piece of work, Wolfgar.

Thank you for sharing it.


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Martin Elder

Sun 16th Dec 2018 22:34

Love the tree analogy here David. the opening lines is a particular favourite

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