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The War Poets


The First World War wasn`t a world war but

a war of dominance in Europe chiefly by the Franc, British and Germany.

World War 2 included most country it was a nasty war

millions of people died, but strangely this war is partly forgotten.

It changed the map and brought forward Israel, which became a torn

for lasting peace in the Middle East.

But the war brought us great American writers like Theodore Dreiser,

Ezra Pound (poet)Ernst Hemingway and many others great writers.

The savagery of that world didn`t include so many poets as

the dispute in Europe also called a world war did,

 the reason we remember it so well is thanks to Wilfred Owens and

his intimate friend Frederic Sassoon who ploughed deep furrows

in our mind and did away with flowering poetry, gritty realism

was and still is what poets should strive for.



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Fri 14th Dec 2018 14:51

Another great piece. Top marks Jan!

Often nothing hurts more than the truth.

David's comments sadly ring true. The echo's never cease even when the guns stop firing, the bombs stop dropping, and the people stop dying.


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