cold wind over Europe

Cold is the wind in Europe

 It is a stormy evening brown leaves flying in the storm, they a

re dank and slimy, torn from the tree with no home to call

their own. I`m thinking of Macron, the president of France

He is extolling globalisation, I`m a nationalist I come from

a country that has naturally evolved has its own culture and

 an unspoken agreement on how people should perform.

We don`t want a global nation with one culture one language,

one thought as dictated by a newspaper owned by the globalists.

 It has been tried before under the dictatorship of Stalin.

Macron is, in the words of Oscar Wilde:” Deep down he is

a shallow thinker.”

Migrants are welcomed in my country if the can blend be as us

and not a confused mob demanding changes in the way

we have accepted the system as it is.

Mass migration is a manufactured phenomenon it could

be avoided by investing in the countries they hail from and

is political to sow discord in Europe.

We see how the USA a beacon democracy, has been turned

into a semi- tyranny helped by the opaque forces of Zionism

they want globalisation to serve their end that is  to enslave

and bend us to their will.

The working class in Britain get it and the ditto Germans

to see the way their countries are going and protests

because of the know if this is not stopped a new war will

begin a war that can only benefit the Zionists.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 13th Dec 2018 18:37

Those who preach "globalisation" appear insecure in their identity
or, if among the powerful, merely seeking to extend that power and
its control: a benchmark for political thinking, of course.
Those who move in numbers between countries merely seek to
transfer their failure elsewhere or, again, extend influence...with
religion in the form of Islam taking centre stage in recent history.
Why would huge numbers of Muslims seek to move from Islamic
lands to historically Christian countries thousands of miles away
and then proceed to build mosques across the length and breadth
of those countries while extremists in their midst attack the host
nation(s)? Birds of a feather flock together - and that applies for
good purposes or bad. All countries evolve slowly for the most
beneficial cohesive social effect and no recent arrival(s) have
the right to demand a speed-up process to accommodate their
own decision to move there. On the contrary, they must adapt
and adjust to SUIT the chosen HOST nation.

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