To Life

To Life


I met Leon today

he wore a vacant grin

a battered fedora

and a greasy three-piece

flapping loose in the breeze


he’s lost a lot of weight

I asked after his health

he shrugged, ‘never better’

adding, ‘do I know you?

gotta spare cigarette?’


blue toes poked through sock holes

‘what’s happened to your shoes?’

a vague point to nowhere

 ‘shoes? sold ‘em gissa smoke?’

I lit a cigarette


he coughed spat blood-red phlegm

‘gotta go things to do’

he shambled the street in

gutter-wet trousers

another cough more blood


a trembling wave ‘l’chaim.’













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<Deleted User> (19913)

Thu 13th Dec 2018 12:21

Brilliant as usual


Thu 13th Dec 2018 11:24

Cheers, Po - check out the revised full technicolour version

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Wed 12th Dec 2018 17:28

Bloody hell in deed Rick!

Great visual impact.

Nice poem


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