Variable Morality


dirty beard

old man


in the back of van


networked up

refillable cup


renewed again


yellow stains

shit for brains


to clean his drains


plastic bag

full of bras

gypsies dogging

in his fucking cars



hate his fucking guts


still shaves his nuts


the warden pleaded

for restraint

so they drowned the cunt

with red-lead paint


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 17th Dec 2018 12:47

Thanks Tom,

hope all is well with you.


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Tom Harding

Sun 16th Dec 2018 12:18

Beautifully paired down hard hitting stuff David

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 13th Dec 2018 08:05

Thanks for the likes and comments folks.



Wed 12th Dec 2018 16:26

Could be me in another decade... fuck it, it almost is now!

This is bloody fantastic mate, well done you!

There are always more questions than answers.

Me I keep blow lamp handy. (No you twats that is not a lamp that ... fuck it why bother)


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 12th Dec 2018 14:04

Thanks Ray,

I appreciate the time you have taken to respond here. I won't go into too much response as we have had a chat.

Needless to say you have picked up on some pertinent points for discussion.

Changed the name of this as I felt the original title gratuitous and unimaginative.

Cheers pal,


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Wed 12th Dec 2018 12:21

I'm coming to this with a fresh mind mate. The fact that it is upsetting says something about our pre conceptions and how satisfying it is for us to marginalise those who have socially repellent aims and desires. Of course there are many in positions of power who are tempted to take these to the wire, but also sad bastards who though contemptible and dangerous to our peace of mind and also a threat to minors need investigating and stand testament to the twisted pressures imposed on them. With this remark I realise there is no true resolution to society's ills, as long there are humans in the world.

Your usual uncompromising stance is apparent and deserves to be applauded.

Yours Truly Ray .

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 12th Dec 2018 06:25

Thanks for the likes on this, yes it's ugly isn't it. I understand why people may be repelled by it.

I have heard of a kidnapped prisoner being drowned with paint by fellow prisoners disgusted by his crimes.

I suppose I was attempting to measure morality somehow, is it ok to murder a paedophile? Where do we draw our lines. I was also contemplating if people might be offended by the use of the word cunt when deployed to describe the most evil of people.

So folks, what makes some despicable acts OK, are we influenced by who they are enacted upon, or offended by language depending on whom it is used to describe.

This wasn't meant to be a throw away piece.

Just a question.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 11th Dec 2018 00:20

This game of life is all about stamina, a man with very big hands once told me that....he was right. He was the most bastard of teachers...but the best of teachers, because here I still am, and I still got love in me.

Before you might get all offended and upset consider the minds in which expression like this is born, and then just take a moment to think.

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