A drinking man

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It was on a road out of London pulled up at a pub

I heard them say the words that I remember to today.

The drinking man he suffers glug, glug, glug. He loves

The taste of whiskey, the craic,  all that convivial shite

But he remembers, truly remembers - he's a creature of

The night. Looking for a moment of content, looking for

A solution, he rumbles all the lying, theft and prostitution.

He likes a drink or two or twenty, the more he drinks the

More heavenly, the music, the music of the blues, very

Convenient that blues still rhymes with booze. He's seen

His way to AA, up on the Finchley Road, but the tea aint

Got the sparkle of putting on a load. He dances in his head

My friend and he jives with the sun and after all the music

The poetry has begun. 


◄ Identity theft.

Lancaster ►


Big Sal

Mon 10th Dec 2018 21:58

Last line sums up my life, John.?

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