This poem is really just for us older brits... who can still remember the good old days.

Children of the 'sixtys' old age hippys rule!  Happier days.. 



Trying to find some humour in this world that seems quite mad

never was a problem when I was a lad.

I used to laugh at lots of things that struck me rather funny

Humour now I cannot find, for simply love nor money


Turning on the tele would always get a laugh

or opening up the daily, for Andy Cap or Scarfe

and Sunday on the radio, Jimmy Clithero raised a smile

Remembering the Goons…  Oh! How they beguiled.


When blue was just a colour, worn by Dixon of Dock green

and Clough’s poor dog  got shot… Inky’s final scene.

Although you never saw it, inference was enough.

Now it seems we have films, that some call snuff.


When men blacked up their faces and sang a merry tune

And dear old Spike recited funny, surreal, poems.

Leonard Sachs would gleefully shout, “for your delectation”

A show from times of old, upon our TV station


Jokes a plenty made us laugh, without the need to swear

When sitting with your children there was no need to fear

Tommy Cooper made us laugh; he did it ‘just like that’

In fact, I only had to see him, standing in his silly hat.



My favourite though was Benny Hill and his little ditties

Hill’s Angels were then quite risqué, showing far more       leg

Chasing round and round a field, and hiding behind a tree

I remember when that was, the naughtiest thing you’d see


Alf Garnet always ranting on, to Cherie's dear old Dad

About the then PM, to his unenlightened lad

“Your Darlin‘ Harold” he used to say, becoming his stock phrase

Than Anthony Booth a daughter, himself began to raise.


The rest they say is history. That brings us up to date

I wish I could find humour, but there isn’t much of late

Cos for now its 'Boris' that is calling all the tunes

And his bloomin’ cronies, what a bunch of goons


Sorry Pete, Spike, and Harry, Michael you as well

Its ‘Potty Time’ here on earth, in fact this could hell

Gazing down upon us, as deeper daily, we are hurled

It really now is truly, “A mad, mad, mad, mad  world”




Re-post to bring it up to date politically (Not that anything has changed, apart from Maggie has been replaced by Boris...for now!)

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Mon 10th Dec 2018 22:32

LOL that is so funny mate. It is a potted history of us children of the sixties and how we enjoyed the humour of the day on the tele-box and old valve set radios.

Growing up we never had a television, a fridge, a telephone, a car, central heating.

We would tell each other tails, Have books read to us,books like Thomas The Tank Engine, Noddy, and so many others, that we would walk to the library and collect.

\it was another world my friend.

When we first got a television it was black and white with just 1 channel... BBC.

This sounds like a relic way back in ancient history, and for some of course it is.

The good old days indeed.


Big Sal

Mon 10th Dec 2018 22:03

No idea what in the hell I just read about, but it was enjoyable and worth it.??

(I am a fan of Andy Cap though. Very much so based on history lessons of film and cartoons and such)

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Mon 10th Dec 2018 20:35

Racha and Becky it is kind of you both to give this a like.

I am always pleased when people hit the 'like button'

I have held back from doing anything with my poetry in the past, then I found WOL and it opened up a whole new world of enjoyment and excitement.

I love both of your blogs and am humbled your drop in

Thank you


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Mon 10th Dec 2018 13:15

Becky I am guessing you like me catch up every now and again on reading a few poems here at WOL and like the ones that you connect with.

Thank you for catching up on me, and taking the time to read my stuff and I hope enjoy.


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Mon 10th Dec 2018 13:11


"Nostalgia ain't what it used to be" How true.

I took in your comment here my friend and much more could/will be said I am certain.

Thank you for taking the time to write this.


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Sun 9th Dec 2018 08:38

Don he was a master amongst masters

I had the privilege to meet the man once he seemed consumed with sadness. His style and wit will live on forever!

He touched so many of us with his HUGE talent... and his humility which he was extremely good at hiding.


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Don Matthews

Sun 9th Dec 2018 02:15

Spike Milligan up there with the silliest brilliant best ?

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Sat 8th Dec 2018 22:02

That is some real looking over your shoulder right there my friend.

Looking back it is easy to see how the BBC have sucked us in and blew us out.

The British Bullshit Corporation.

..."Heath's blatant abuse"... best not mention 'morning sickness' as it was called on the quay.

Jim fixed it for soooooooooo many

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Sat 8th Dec 2018 21:56

Thank you Jon.

Everybody's got to be somewhere!


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 8th Dec 2018 20:12

Remembering a Frank Norman line: "Nostalgia ain't what it used to be"...these look-back observations certainly evoke their share of
memories for me. Long before "guilt" set in - whether it be the
BBC getting all-PC about "The B & W Minstrel Show", or a certain
former child actor who, as an executive at Thames TV, thought that
Benny Hill was not his type of comedy and gave that station's most
successful comedy star the push from the air waves without so
much as a "God bless you and thank you.". Forget the vicious
vulgar stuff that forced its way into our living rooms thereafter,
rejoicing in the term "new age comedy". Well, I try to.
As for Theresa May. She's played the old Tory/Europhile drama...
never exhorting Parliament to repeal the European Communities
Act of the 1970s so that we might start afresh on our own terms,
come hell or high water; instead, using "negotiating"(???) tactics
via frequent visits and chats with her cronies in the EU that have
panned out as no doubt planned,- a "Not Really Out - but the best
we could hope for" deal stacked against the "fear" of a "No Deal" at all departure. All so predictable to those like me of a certain
age who have watched the whole sucking-up treacherous process -from the outset of Heath's blatant abuse of a trusting electorate.
THIS part of the past has never been a laughing matter.

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Jon Stainsby

Sat 8th Dec 2018 19:56

The Goons especially Spike Milligan were brilliant.

Good memories.

Thanks, Po.

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