Put the leaves back on the trees



Put the leaves back on the trees,

grow the skin across the bone,

dream the words onto the page,

this land is but a scar regrown.


Grow the skin across the bone, 

dream the words onto the page,

this land is but a scar regrown,

it feeds upon each bygone age.


Dream the words onto the page,

the ink is blood much bled before,

its flow you never will assuage,

its what our hearts keep beating for.


This land is but a scar regrown

each strata laid is ever new,

its timeless wound forgot, unknown,

new pores to let the blood bleed through.


So put the leaves back on the trees

give back with love what nature took,

our time we steal like hapless thieves

our lives mere chapters in a book.

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 12th Dec 2018 06:17

Thanks Kate and Ray,

I often get snappets of images in dreams which I can get down on the page, some of those images are the most vivid but not always specific, sometimes just colours and atmosphere.

Ray, Thanks pal.

The core of the lines here came whilst surveilling the scene, I usually carry a notebook but on this occasion spoke the scene into my phone, modern life eh.

Thanks muchly,


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Tue 11th Dec 2018 22:15

Just come across this one David. Reading comments as well as a poem can help guide us in a reaction, although they shouldn't be relied on exclusively. Because this is ruminative I feel there is a breadth and depth there with a sculpting of the verses which works so well in reinforcing a message. It really delivers on a personal level, and has some original thinking in re-running nature like a film . Clever use of structure makes it a winner for me and a triumph of writing.


Kate G

Tue 11th Dec 2018 12:45

I love the idea of dreaming words onto a page. Beautiful.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 11th Dec 2018 11:07

Hello Peter,

Thanks for stopping by. Congrats on PoTW by the way, well deserved.

To be honest Peter I spent a little time on this one. I was out in a remote area enjoying a magnificent morning walking in the countryside. I stood on a hilltop overlooking a valley looking towards the opposite rise, the land was scarred and I could see the strata layers. It got me thinking about recovery and renewal, I was surrounded by beautiful ancient trees which had shed their leaves which were lying all around. A pretty moving spectacle to be honest Peter.

Thanks again,


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Peter Taylor

Mon 10th Dec 2018 20:12

This is a lovely piece in a wonderful language. What a read! Terrific mood - did it fly off the pen?


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 10th Dec 2018 05:23

Thanks Martin,

I wanted the lines to be re-layed over each other as if strata, slowly being buried and forgotten until they emerged again at some future point to repeat.

It was an image at first then an idea. Most of my imaginings are initially visual.

Thanks Martin much appreciated.


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Martin Elder

Sun 9th Dec 2018 19:13

This leaves me with an image of going back in time like a film being run backwards and therefore being able to change time and rework or relive what we have already done or experienced so that we can change what we have already seen and done and make the world a better place. something I sometimes want to be able to do.
A thought provoking piece of poetry as always David.
Nice one

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 9th Dec 2018 18:12

Thanks Trevor,

Sorry for the minor disappoint. The only traditional formulaic pieces I have ever attempted have been Haiku, and I'm really not too fond of them when transported from their native culture.

I was thankfully completely unaware of the existence of the discipline of Pantoum, reliant solely upon my imagination.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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Trevor Alexander

Sun 9th Dec 2018 13:55

I thought this was going to be a Pantoum when I started reading. That it isn't quite is the only (minor!) disappointment. There is still the sense of something building with the lines that do repeat. A really effective piece. 👍

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 9th Dec 2018 05:31

Thanks folks,

Very much appreciated.


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Douglas MacGowan

Sat 8th Dec 2018 20:58

Very emotive. I like the line about blood/ink.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 8th Dec 2018 20:54

So thank you Po and thank you Anya and thank you Jon....such a constant encouragement you are.

I have re-recorded the audio on this it might be worth a listen.

My immature heart once was broken (not by love) and became twisted like many do, it is sad and so terrible for others to witness. I was lucky and found a way back. This clip from "The Grinch" is comical and some might say cheesy. But for anyone who has ever felt their heart grow truly cold this is an extremely wonderful piece of cinema/art.

I thank whatever it is that makes us human that my heart awoke and that I truly know what love is.




Sat 8th Dec 2018 19:48

We are all wounded healers here Wolfgar

Upon becoming Chiron's foster parent, Apollo (god of music, prophecy, poetry and healing) taught Chiron all that he knew.

We have a great heritage us poets.

This is the best poem you have penned that I've read so far.

Written with such feeling and insight.


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