Moon beams

Between life and death is a magical space

Where dreams are born for you to chase

Some begin early and are dashed too soon

Others elusive like the beams of the moon


Every once in a while as your path you traverse

From swaddled in a cot, to laid out in a hearse

Two souls will converge in a blending of time

As two become one and in silent mime


Each acts out the thoughts without words being said

Knowing full well what’s inside the others head

Two hearts beating as one, each breath you both take

Gives life to the other, who you never forsake


Then at deaths bitter parting a brief moment alone

Memories flood back of the time you both owned

Wandering briefly, then chasing the dream

Running up moon beams there your lover is seen



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<Deleted User> (16837)

Tue 11th Dec 2018 08:50

Dear Po,
each soul shall taste death, whether anyone believes in God or not. the end is same for all. death will not be painful if we believe that one day we will all meet in the everlasting home.

we are actually pure souls blessed with a body, mind and heart....body will die, but soul shall never die....not even in hell, so better we strive to be in heaven.

i agree with u!!!

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Paul Sayer

Mon 10th Dec 2018 20:30

Hi Ghaz I think it a great solace... I often think how fantastic and amazing it will be for the non-believers to realise life is eternal and that we are indeed Spirts with a body... not bodies with spirit.

There is literally a world of difference (several actually)

You can't die for the life of you


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Paul Sayer

Mon 10th Dec 2018 20:26

Thank you for the like Racha.


<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 9th Dec 2018 05:03

it is definitely a scary thought, forever lose the one you love....but eternal life is always a solace n a relief!!

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Paul Sayer

Fri 7th Dec 2018 22:57

It is.

How long would you like it to be?

The longer I live the shorter I have left!


Big Sal

Fri 7th Dec 2018 21:44

Life is too short.

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