the intemperate

The Intemperate 


Alcoholism is an irredeemable illness

often compared with diabetes which is also incurable

however, with diabetes, it is possible to reduce it by

taking insulin and avoiding certain foods.

However, you can`t cure intemperance by drinking beer!

He was a well- known actor had everything to live for

When in Algarve the old discredited counsellor

tried to get him to go to AA.

He blankly refused said he didn’t want to live

since his wife had died of cancer, which turned

out to be eight years ago.

One day he met him struggling to get up a hilly street,

He stopped offering a lift, but the actor in his cups

told him to “fuck up”. Later that night he came to offer

his apologies threw up on the kitchen floor the old man

got him into bed.

In the morning he had raided to fridge for beer know

he wanted a proper drink, and he was driven home.

There was nothing the old therapist could but hope.

The news came he had died at 56 killed by booze.

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