The BLACK Horizon

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The BLACK Horizon


The Babylonian whore is dripping with lust

Her hips are gyrating with each frantic thrust

Pumping her lubricant up though a crack

B P is the fall guy taking the flack


Birds of a feather soiled with the oil

Perfect white beaches, stained now and soiled

Fire on the water, fumes in the air

Toxins keep rising, too much to bear


Images scrubbed, removed from the web

And videos showing the toll of the dead

Not so easy to scrub, a line in the sand

Not crossed by the media, where do you stand?


A news blackout that’s darker, even than tar

About what is happening, right where you are!

Soon the magnitude obvious, impossible to hide

The three wise monkeys simultaneously cried


We could hear it, and see it, now we all shout

It was so fucking obvious without any doubt

Like an ostrich stood there, with your head in the sand

OIL lapping over your feet, right there where you stand


Stay there my friend and soon you will see

The folly of the wise monkeys... really all three!

You know it is coming as night follows day

The religious now frantically all heard to pray


Save us dear God from this terrible plight

Struggling for breath now is a fight

A miracle is needed, that is for sure

You’ve lived your life like an angel, and been so pure


Why hast thou forsaken me, some bound to cry

As all around them is death, as their loved ones now die

Biblical proportions; Armageddon some say

For many this for certain, is their judgement day!


Beyond the horizon a new day is dawning

Some for certain, will be dead by the morning

As into the Abyss humanity falls

The gusher continues and constantly boils


Deeper and deeper into despair we all sink

The once crystal clear waters now blacker than ink

Laying the blame at this door and that

Whatever happened to that ‘Top Hat’?


A nuke some now think, is the answer we need

With no end in sight for our insatiable greed

Armchair experts with their fingers on the keys

Tapping away like a circus of fleas


I tell you what to do, why don’t you listen?

While the oil slick is growing, its sheen starts to glisten

Red is the colour of some I have seen

Believe me when I say it’s truly obscene


Under water the plumes stay hidden for a while

As news anchors’ each day, the populous beguile

The World Cup a distraction for many a plebeian

With one eye on the ball, like a true cyclopean


The second wise monkey, now forced to see

What the first Monkey heard, and the third one told to me

Now hear what I’m saying... Search deep inside

The truth is within you, the controlled media lies



                                                        ©Poemagraphic    17/06/10

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Sun 5th Jan 2020 20:47

Yes he still has my ear!

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Mon 10th Dec 2018 20:25

Thanks for dropping in Racha! and my old friend Brian (my oldest friend here), I feel like I have lost my shadow if you don't drop in mate.


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Sat 8th Dec 2018 19:03

Thank you kindly for dropping jn Jon.

Could you also please drop in on 'The Goons' for me as I would truly value your comment mate

Big Sal

Sat 8th Dec 2018 13:30

Well, I'm glad some folk see me as valid in the poetry scene.

Took me years of practice and reading shit no one else ever wanted to look into. A lot of ugly truths in this world, Po, but a lot of beautiful poetry.?

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Sat 8th Dec 2018 08:27

I use the words ‘Big Guy’ often when we exchange comments, not only as a term of endearment, which I am certain you know mate. However moreover, it is because of your knowledge, insight and deeper understanding of many of the topics I write poetry about, plus the historical content adds another dimension tesseracterly speaking.

I need to be reserved sometimes in the content of some of my work I post here… because of the work that I am involved with outside of here…

Your grasp of this topic is a perfect example my friend as your reply evidently dictates. As a rule I oppose dictators virulently (pun intended).

Standing Rock was something that did not reach the media here in Blighty. I am ashamed that topics of this magnitude never get the coverage that is due to them. This incident still upsets me greatly.

You go on to say… “All in all, a great reason to donate to Sea Shepherds and other conservation organizations. Sea Shepherds go out there and harass poachers, pirates, and other criminals that governments are too lazy or too complacent to go after.”

I concur 100%. I would even go so far as to say they ‘the governments’ that is, are often complicit as we have so often seen.

Big Sal

Sat 8th Dec 2018 01:03

I'll tell you what I know, Po, from what I've read of course:

- BP has been involved in power changes orchestrated by intelligence agencies, as have been many oil companies still in operation today, if not all of them at one point or another. This alone warrants them unqualified to run anything in the oil sector or business industry at large. Governments like to choose their cartels for good reason.

- Proctor & Gamble donated quite a bit of their super saturated, very famous blue 'Dawn' soap to aid in the clean-up efforts. It was one of the only soaps truly capable of scrubbing the oil off due to how concentrated it is. (I know this because I handle birds every day and must have this on hand in case the chickens get rotten egg, blood, or other detritus on them).

- Although people died during the tragedy, even more wildlife and sea life was altered or damaged beyond repair.

- This exact incident was an impetus for Standing Rock protesters here in the US to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline because of the inherent dangers in oil leaking from underground/underwater pipes carrying large deposits of crude oil.

- We are repeating the same mistakes in the same oceans over the same reasons to this day. A few laws won't change that.

All in all, a great reason to donate to Sea Shepherds and other conservation organizations. Sea Shepherds go out there and harass poachers, pirates, and other criminals that governments are too lazy or too complacent to go after. I like your poetry a lot, Po. Your talent is evident in every piece, and often language is not enough for wordsmiths to convey the exact words. You have no such problems.

Straight from the Big Guy!?

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Thu 6th Dec 2018 23:32

Thanks Brain for the like.

How are you doing? pm me


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Thu 6th Dec 2018 23:31

Thank you for your comment Taylor.

Did you peep over the top of your screen to read my first comment upside down?

A tad longer than my norm... but even so, so much left unsaid.

I spent many a day, and night watching this unfold.

Our worlds oceans are still reeling from this and the continuous daily onslaught from Japan.

My heart breaks knowing the untold millions of fish, birds and creatures that have died and are slowly dying ever day from tumours and cancers.

As if the bloody plastic issue is not enough.

Oh! btw. Happy Christmas T.C.

I do sound like a bloody doom monger sometimes lol


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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 6th Dec 2018 22:11

A really gripping poem. Excellent Po.

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Thu 6th Dec 2018 18:56

There are 710 problems... what?

Oh! Opps! Sorry I've got the sign upside down.

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