Angels are best cast out

before that they are merely slaves

God in his fury frees them

and regrets it for the rest of days


I met one in Le Sacré-Cœur

she flew out of a frame

burned upon re-entry

she took refuge by the Seine


We ended up in Le Pigalle

in a club called Crazy Horse

she slid the pole so heavenly

bound straight for hell of course


The best is often thrown away

the best is often waste

my eyes are cast to hell I’d say

for there my senses taste


the things that God forbids us

the things he keeps for self

but I am not for keeping

his teachings on the shelf


I took her down to Sainte-Chapelle

where we spied her in the glass

she folds her face to my lapel

now the Angel’s mine at last

◄ Mother

Put the leaves back on the trees ►


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 8th Dec 2018 18:48

And not forgetting the likes, thankyou Des, Kate, Suko and Jon.

Much appreciated,


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 7th Dec 2018 19:10

Thanks Taylor and Ray, I am very grateful for your continued support and encouragement.


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 7th Dec 2018 07:40

Thanks Po and Rachel,

Being an atheist some might find this strange, I like the idea of fallen angels as it suggests a rebel strain and a sense of liberty.

The unwritten reference I make in the audio is obviously an error, it is largely unread not unwritten.

I love the link Rachel, the piece was not written with any referencing to it but it seems to fit perfectly.

I did meet an angel at Sacre Coeur, and enjoyed an unearthly experience.



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Thu 6th Dec 2018 23:11

Perversely and refreshingly original in many ways, and testament to a free thinker, a rarity. Humour is streaked through, and we are hypocritical if we find no attraction in the poem. Masterful work.


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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 6th Dec 2018 22:22

Stunning has everything a feast of imagery. 💐

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Thu 6th Dec 2018 18:55


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Thu 6th Dec 2018 18:49


Thu 6th Dec 2018 15:57

I loved hearing this...

Its hard to find anything in a library that's thirteen miles long!

I would enjoy talking about the reality of this.

I would need an extension to my life to just scratch the surface of the my last 3 score years and three



Thu 6th Dec 2018 15:50

Bloody masterful.

I caught a glimpse of the devil’s lies
Hid behind those angelic eyes

…"she slid the pole so heavenly"
That's it mate, the slippery slope right there ;)


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