He was an independent therapist

  for people who thought they were drinking too much.

 His first question was: why do you drink so copious?

The answers were varied; he asked them to address

 their problems, and desist from alcohol for six months,

 Sometimes it did the trick.

 Those who could not see he sent to A.A.

 He had experience from working at a private clinic

 where the religious aspect played a vital role.

The expert rejected his system, lost his licence

 to practise his amateurish an uneducated views.

 He has met people who thanked him for finding

 they were not alcoholics and by those he had

directed to A. A.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 6th Dec 2018 14:54

Great Poem Jan!

I found that by cutting back and just having one glass of wine with my meal really helped me.

I am now down to seven meals a day ;)


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