the revolt

The revolt


When we see pictures from a foreign eastern  country

the newspapers and politicians holler about regime change.

When Paris is aflame, and the people want president Macron

to leave or seek refuge in London,

we construct a scenario of right-wing assassins and not

a hint of regime change is mentioned.

Macon this Jupiter is both highly intellectual but his arrogance

of the common man of whom he has no connection

will not change his policy for rabble-rousers.

Tax relief for the rich and more tax burden for the poor

who is surprisingly low paid?

In his calculation the rich are useful, but workers can be

easily replaced they need money to feed their children.

Macron hasn`t got any children nor does he don`t want any

they will hamper his idea to create a Good like status.

This time, however, he must give a little, just enough

to quell the revolt that goes on simmering till the end

of his mandate.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 4th Dec 2018 15:23

No one likes taxes. But the problem becomes more acute when
they are seen as unfair and even discriminatory - making the less
well off even worse off. This appears to be the case in France
when those most affected are the rural people who need their
cars far more than city dwellers - and are arguably being penalised
by that need whilst being less affluent than their metropolitan
neighbours who also have access to efficient public transport.
These demos tend to be hi-jacked by the usual rent-a mob crowd
and it interests me how often these are reported to be "far right".
Rarely any media mention of "far left". But perhaps the word
"media" supplies the clue?

Big Sal

Tue 4th Dec 2018 11:50

Same apple, different tree.

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