Dream Sequence #1

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To hold the gun like roses in an autumn that will bleed red,

A colder sun for Moses at the bottom of the sea bed,

Choosing notions from the thousands of the willing and the squealers,

Moving oceans like they’re mountains or they’re children of the killers,

Bait the quest with maiden sex and saggy tits or what it says now,

Laid to rest and paid to Death like labor next in the breaths held,

Spitting bullets at the fools like it’s truth in real life,

Kicking buckets like they’re stools when the noose is still tight,

Sound the tune and shout or show you’re mixing ether in the perico,

Round the tomb and out we go, digging deeper in the pitied hole,

Missing snow when heavens die and mothers love their fallen kids,

Living low where legends lie and gutters dump from all of it,

Walls are stripped of fault and bricks when all that’s left is heavy doors,

Falling cliffs with hollow tips and dollars ripped with Remy poured,

Water the rain like the sun on a rose for our fake friends,

Honor the blame with a blunt and a toast when the day ends.

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Big Sal

Fri 14th Dec 2018 12:44

Thank you much, Charlotte, for reading and appreciating.🌷

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Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Fri 14th Dec 2018 11:44

One of my favourite pieces of yours, I really enjoyed reading this

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Big Sal

Tue 4th Dec 2018 11:38

Thank you everyone.

I wrote the entirety of this one before naming it. Honestly, the title was just a throwaway until I decided to post it up.

More holorime poetry incoming. Keep an eye out.😎

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Martin Elder

Tue 4th Dec 2018 11:20

There is an increasing richness in your work, which is a joy to behold. Too many good lines to single out one. Love it Sal
Nice one

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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 21:45

Another poem from the pen of the master...💕

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Mon 3rd Dec 2018 17:29

Clever man!!! Always brilliant!! 😘

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Big Sal

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 15:44

Thanks for reading, Po. Always obliged.

Glad you liked it!💪


Mon 3rd Dec 2018 15:42

Falling cliffs with hollow tips and dollars ripped with Remy poured

I tried to swallow this in one... Nope! Got to sip it.

Great job big guy... loved it!


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Big Sal

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 15:35

Brand-new, free poems cropping up every few days until "The Tyrian Tesseract" is released in February.

Please enjoy what you can.

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