The depth evil sinks

The depth evil sinks


They stand on the verge of the epoch of time

Peacefully walking towards a landmine

Gazing around without a care in the word

Unaware of the terror about to unfurl


Things on the surface look like any other day

Children dancing and singing gleefully at play

While under their feet in the earth where they stand

A time bomb is waiting; it’s part of a plan


To destroy and  maim, cause terror and fear

The perpetrators long gone, can’t see who draws near

Innocence so young, that they cannot conceive

The depths evil sinks… who could believe


It’s only an inch, a centimetre or two

As long as it’s buried, and hidden from view

It’s now only simply a matter of time

Before a child steps on that deadly landmine


An explosion so loud that rips though my ear

Shrapnel that is flying, flesh searing and tears

A wound opens up, blood gushes and spurts

Smiles gone, with her face, how this vision still hurts.



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Tue 11th Dec 2018 19:39

Hi Ghazla your thoughts are echoed by so many people from all walks of life and from most of our World’s religions.

Thank you for your heartfelt comments


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Tue 11th Dec 2018 19:33

Kate thank you so much for commenting.

The cowardly and incomprehensible part of this sorry state of affairs as you so righty say is they ‘do’… “place them intentionally to maim children and civilians, and often animals too.

Evil's indeed an understatement”.

I have a friend who is Reiki Master. She moved to Bosnia for the soul purpose of healing animals caught up in the conflicts there.
We all too often overlook their plight.


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Tue 11th Dec 2018 19:24

Thanks for commenting David another reality indeed.

It’s not just the human cost here sadly the very ground itself is so contaminated with DU from armour piercing ordinance the whole fabric of this Country and its society will never be the same again.


<Deleted User> (16837)

Tue 11th Dec 2018 16:03

no words can ever do justice to the damage done, i fall short of feelings and emotions to express....but strong disgust i do feel for those murderers ..... it all comes back, the return in any form, the realization also drops like the same bomb, they are paid for such disgusting acts, how can they sleep? it sure hurts and pain...we on safer shores can't even feel the depth of their pain....may allah grant those innocent souls the highest place in paradise...ameen

<Deleted User> (19913)

Tue 11th Dec 2018 10:09

Powerful Po. I'm ex- military and my husband still serves. We have witnessed first hand the devastation these things cause. As soldiers we take the risk, but it's such a cowardly thing to place them intentionally to maim children and civilians,and often animals too. Evil's an understatement.

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David Irvine

Tue 11th Dec 2018 09:23

A journey to another reality which leaves a scare for all to find. Evil does indeed sink to many depths.

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Mon 10th Dec 2018 12:50

Thanks go to Becky and Ha'azanu and not forgetting Don and Jon

All of your continued support is much welcomed.


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Mon 3rd Dec 2018 23:42

Thank you Taylor for your comments and support.


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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 21:54

Hi Po, You always manage to capture strong images within your verse.
The subjects which you address are worthy and enlightening. Life is not always pretty and people are not always kind and it needs to be said. Thank you Po..

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Mon 3rd Dec 2018 16:13

Thanks for commenting... as always, adding historical insight that gives a greater depth (excuse the pun)

Like the IED, a simple cross-cut saw blade arched and covered over that even the slightest pressure on it would have the desired... err. hang on! The undesired effect.

"Po. I usually see stanzas set up like yours alternate on a rhyme, but you did couplets that came out great.?"

I find your comments extremely helpful and encouraging. You, like Brain, TC, Anya and quite a few others are doing a sterling job here at WOL with your insight, experience, and warmth of spirit.


Big Sal

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 15:49

Children are still being killed to this day by landmines from the Russian invasion of Chechnya and other engagements of war.

Soldiers and rebels lay them, but often times it's the civilians after a conflict that pay the price for a landmine. Here in the States it's quite common in certain former battle sites for farmers tilling fields to find old artillery shells and armaments from battles as far back as the American Civil War. A couple notable ones have even killed themselves trying to dig them out.

One particularly gruesome example that is more modern, is in California a couple years back, a boy was walking his dog in the mountains when his dog bit open a cyanide canister. The boy was then forced to watch as his family dog choked to death on its own blood because of the government-sanctioned 'coyote bombs' that are meant to kill coyotes to keep them from livestock.

They say dirty bombs have different ingredients, but any bomb that is buried is dirty warfare.

Excellent piece, Po. I usually see stanzas set up like yours alternate on a rhyme, but you did couplets that came out great.?

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