writing for the internet

Writing on the internet


Before the internet killed off small poetry magazine

he often sent poetry around and was thrilled when

a poem was accepted it was indeed printed on paper,

a little book to read and collect.

Poetry/short stories are not the same on a computer

the work disappear in the big maze never to be seen

that is why he prints on paper what he has written.

When he switches off the computer, it is all gone like it

never existed what`s left is a blank screen with dust on.





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<Deleted User> (18474)

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 19:17

Jeffaramma asked me to read one of his poems on his blog. I did and enjoyed it very much. I wouldn't have been able to do that from a poetry mag. The connection was simple. Being relatively new to poetry it has been a revelation to see others works so easily. I think this use of the internet have made my spirit bloom.
I really enjoy your little stories Mr Hansen and would be all the poorer, if I could not access them.
My computer's never off I carry it around with me in my pocket.
I think if if you use the internet for intagram, Facebook ect, it can narrow you. But used in the right way......
I have never experienced these little independent poetry mags your refer to. However if they are any like the music fanzines I read in the late 80 and 90's, I can see how they would have magic you can't create on the the internet.
Keep writing please Me Hansen.

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Mon 3rd Dec 2018 14:53

You're absolutely right here Jan. Technology widens horizons, but it also narrows the spirit , and the internet was originally conceived with international conflict in mind . We are all swimming in the ocean now.

Ray (I like the photo by the way).

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