The alternative Christmas Speech (revisited)

Its a funny old do
is Christmas time and such
its that one time of year you'd think people would stay in touch
do you remember when you were young?
writing letters to santa
and the sparkling christmas tree?
that can be the fondest memories of Christmas time for thee

fast forwarding to today
you start to feel alone
the masses are influenced by greed and want the new bloody I-phone
the spirit of Christmas is dead
and Santa claus became a myth
we stockpile to stores on black friday
just to get that expensive gift

The carols come a flowin'
we eat our share of Christmas pud
and the turkeys await their fate in this season of the good

presents become materialistic items
which gather in the room which we either disregard or keep
meanwhile the homeless sit outside
on the winter streets they sleep

So have a merry christmas
to you one and all
and remember those either depressed or less fortunate
when december starts to call.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 16:31

A lot of truth in these lines - especially for those brought up in a
less pressurised "aware" (via hard-sell TV advertising etc.) world.
But the basics still exist - the wish to give some happiness in whatever form possible according to purse and preference. And
the kids still seem to get a thrill from the Festive Season in total.
So - Happy Humbug, with a wink to old Ebenezer wherever that
old curmudgeon is to be found.

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