the slow killing of a nation

The slow killing of a Nation


Women`s rights are at a crossroad the right to be

educated work for a corporation sitting at a table

making decisions that are useful for a firm but unsafe

for the society. They have been conned, we all have

been tricked into thinking that this is the future.


The highest accolade a person can win is to

give birth to new life bring them up to be sound

and kind member of the society only a woman

can do that but they have forgotten what is

important…new life.


Every woman should have at least five offspring

or the civilisation, we live in will die out.

Instead, we vilify single mothers for giving birth

We have to pay for when we should put them

on a pedestal for bringing life into the world.


Abortion is killing the nations in Europe, but

we have yet to understand its implications

before we end up as a minority and a culture

alien to us. Women who have done their job

are vigorous enough to run a country.

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<Deleted User> (18474)

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 07:08

Bloody hell Mr Hansen! Just say what your think why don't you.
It would be easy to dismiss this poem as sexist ravings, but there are some lovely jestures in it.
There is very little more amazing than creating a life, except maybe saving one.
Single mums are often disgracefully vilified, especially in the media.
Should women feel pressured into having and career and family simultaneously? Should they be forced to financially? Is this liberating? They should have a choice right? Maybe they have been conned. Discuss......

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