That went down a splash

That went down a splash


If poetry was shit I’d be really constipated

Sitting on the crapper feeling contemplative

Obviously, I know I can’t really po a tree

But I’ve often flushed a log down the lav a tree


Bawdy humour

◄ 5G is a lie

The depth evil sinks ►


<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 9th Dec 2018 04:57

diversity in writing.....u hv a weird way to express at times...but it sure lends a different aspect to a grave situation...funny, smelly but true!!!

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Paul Sayer

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 23:24

Excellent BS thanks for that... lots to learn and so much fun along the way mate.

Some I know, some I don't.... Yet!

I can't believe that its taken me over 60 years to get to here.

Thanks to all at WOL who have seen my stuff and liked it, and even more gratitude to those who have commented and edged me on to learn and improve my craft,


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Paul Sayer

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 23:17

Great advice Hazel

Some people think I am full of it.
Thanks for dropping in. Splish splash I was having a crap,

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Paul Sayer

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 23:13

Thanks for the like TC

Good to know I made you smile ;)


Big Sal

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 22:53

Here on WOL, probably could recommend: I know you know of John Marks and his excellent work, elPintor (Rachel) is a very good poet as well you may not have checked out yet. Becky Who is always trying her best and consistently putting out check marks as well, and Jon Stainsby can be recommended.

Outside of WOL, Pablo Neruda, William Carlos Williams, and maybe even some Leonard Cohen.

So many great ones to learn from, it's a shame when not enough time is devoted to learning more.

Keep up the great, constant work Po.?

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Hazel ettridge

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 21:19

Prunes for pure and perfect Po pooh.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 16:35

Funny Po....?

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Paul Sayer

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 15:44

How are tricks?

Thanks for this comment
"First two lines are some of the best I've read in a while

Bloody hell mate that is praise indeed coming from you my friend.

I am looking back at some older posts and I'm having a great time reading stuff from people who have not posted in while as well.

Being so new here I am certain there are lots of people I will like when I discover them.

Any other people you think I would like BS please let me know.
I am sure you have seen from the odd few I have posted thus far and the poems I have liked the kind of stuff I enjoy reading.

The quality of several poets stuff here is fantastic, not that I'm in any position to judge anybody. I just know what I like!

The bio and comments often make better reading than the poetry.
It is great to get feedback and good honest critique I am sure would agree Big guy.

Thanks again for your support over the last few weeks.


Big Sal

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 15:05

First two lines are some of the best I've read in a while since Ferris Taylor was on the site. You'd like his stuff I think P.

Nevertheless I thought this was great.?

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