The Moor's Last Laugh

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My daughters mean the world to me

To keep them safe is my intent

But in a time of war can fathers

Protect daughters? I used to be

So cheerful, so easy in my cares.

But now I hate the moonlight

Scared to be taken unawares.

We are occupied now by  Christian armies.

But we keep Muhamed close to our hearts

Whilst professing to be Christians.

In the church the Inquisition watch

Us carefully. We've learnt to genuflect

At the right moment. Nobody wants to be

Burnt alive. We have to do the hardest

Work in the fields. The Christians

Have taken our homes, our wealth.

We hide our eyes and cry when

We remember how Christians, Jews

And Muslims worked together under

The old dispensation. Before the fall

Of Grenada. Fortune no longer smiles

On us. We do as we are told and work.

I have to stop myself bargaining in Arabic

At the market. Arabic is forbidden.

These savage Goths burnt all our

Books. Translations from Byzantium,

Works in Aramaic and Hebrew. The Jews

Of course, are persecuted too. Oppression's

Rod is hard and brutal. Even the children

Are Not spared 'What do mummy and daddy

Do on a Friday? Have they hidden any books?'

These were the very words we heard:

Now I hear in the future the Muslims

Are coming home. Building mosques

In Cordova. The Alahambra is our own.



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John Marks

Mon 10th Dec 2018 13:23

Thank you Rachel. The video is blocked in the UK for 'copyright reasons'! John

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Sun 2nd Dec 2018 03:09

We seem to be making history and then erasing it as we go. I mean, all of the stories of persecuted early christians yet little is told of how they skinned "heretics" alive when more gentle persuasion would not yield the fruit of control. Who can tell how many advanced ideas the stiff-necked beasts squashed while seizing power through fear?

I watched the above documentary fairly recently and found it very interesting.


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