The Buddhas of Bamiyan



One of the Buddhas of Bamiyan before their wilful destruction


Reading between the lines

Becomes a habit of mind

Look again

Out of the side of the eye

Change your mood, gender, age, intelligence

Then look again

What we perceive

We half-create

What we have

We love and hate

Aye! The implication is

Clear: write without fear.

Buried in her books

Rumbles of thunder

Reverberate in the clinging air

As we cogitate

Pick up on the implications

Of her Dimming of the Day

When life seems this easy

We give it clean away

Soft summer breezes blow

In ice, rain, hail, snow.

You won’t be a bore

When there’s danger at your door:

Illness, pride, bankruptcy, sin

Originate from within

The Buddhas of Bamiyan were hewn directly

From the sandstone cliffs

Of Afghanistan

Destroyed by the Taliban

After nearly 2000 years.

What an irony

It is

For these close-minded Mullahs

That their destruction of the Buddhas

Shows us again

How when we crave and we cling to impermanent things

We suffer dukkha; while without them, our souls can sing.

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