Atreus and Adonis

Atreus and Adonis etched upon the hieroglyphics,

Eden stoned its only gallows,

Lead us like we’re prophets destined for a FICO business,

Reasons honed from lonely fellows,

Headless horsemen eat the bones and call it all an alleyway,

Edifices broken seem at home in hollow halls and hellish days.


Oppressive and incessant as a lesson in the present,

A message from the heavens like a reverend in the essence,

The lead is in the linens, an apprentice with his weapons,

Headless is his sentence with the menace in attendance,

The gremlins are the pests if there’s the credits where it blends in,

A penance from the weddings to the dead men and their tenants,

Aggressive as the bedlam from the edges of the eggs skinned,

The men are in the minutes like an epic as I said it.

Big SalDecember 2018free poetrylife as it happenstwo birdsVerisimilitude: Volume 2

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Big Sal

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 22:55

Thanks for reading, Avishek. Always appreciated.👍

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Big Sal

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 03:13

Much obliged, Anya.🌷

Thanks as well, Taylor. I try. I've just been constantly churning out poetry for the past few weeks, but on a good note I have finished 'The Tyrian Tesseract', and now need to edit and publish.

Hopefully will have something to be proud of by the end of this all.


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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 1st Dec 2018 07:36

I cannot pick out any line as my favourite Big Sal. They all chime in perfect harmony..💕

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Big Sal

Sat 1st Dec 2018 01:09

Wouldn't have put this up if December hadn't rolled around.

The archives will have to wait.

I'm excited about my upcoming book, "The Tyrian Tesseract", and so please enjoy as much of my new poems I post up as you can, for when January rolls around I will abstain from posting so many pieces per month.

Be more like Anya, and be awesome.😎

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