Our First Time

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We were up on the hills

She had gone very quiet

I instinctively knew that the time was right

I kissed her with passion as a lover might


I took off my shirt

Her nostrils flared

I ran my fingers through her golden hair

We gently made love in the open air


The encounter was brief

with minimal foreplay

I spoke to her softly; she had little to say

She bleated once then gambolled away

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Wed 5th Dec 2018 16:02

I choked on my crumpet (told her I was sorry)

I think the last line is brill I love bawdy humor.

Keep it up... hard, or not perhaps in this freezing weather.


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Brian Maryon

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 16:18

Thanks all. I felt a bit sheepish posting this one I must admit.

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John Coopey

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 08:50

We’re you the bloke who first discovered how to get milk out of a cow, Brian?

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kJ Walker

Sat 1st Dec 2018 09:05

Baa. I'm not sure what ewe were up to in that lonely place.

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Jon Stainsby

Sat 1st Dec 2018 09:00

I am with Taylor

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 1st Dec 2018 07:42

Not sure about this one am I reading it right?

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Don Matthews

Sat 1st Dec 2018 00:54

Oh, 'tis so nice
To hear love and play
Without needing language
Like f_____ing away

It grates when I see it
Appear on the site
To me it's unnecessary
Am I wrong, am I right?

Whatever you think
Here's one who likes lay
Not being described
As f___ing away ?

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