The X Factor

Judge not lest you be judged


If you want to be successful and get on in your career

You have to show your arse off, we’d all love to see your rear

And you’re heaving breasts and nipples at every chance

Then we can replay it all, and have another glance


Gyrating pelvises that’s what we want to see

Pretending that the partner you are straddling is me

Why not have a threesome or maybe even four

That’s a sure way to unlock that producer’s door


Then all you need to do, is flash that hand salute

Then your faith is sealed and truly absolute

Soul sold to the devil by any other name

But you’re too blind to see it, seeking only fame


And after you’ve achieved it, and become a super star

With all the little trappings, the bling, big house, big car

Your true friends long deserted, for the ‘A’ list that reside

At every photo shoot you do, standing at your side


All trying to out do you, and stand centre stage

They’ll knock you off your pedestal and incite you to a rage

Make you look ridiculous, make you seem a fool

Then invite you to a party and drown you in the pool


Of course it was an accident, the inquest bound to find

With most to blind to see that the media is blind

All the daily snooze papers, the red tops all proclaim

They have a grand exclusive to glorify your name


Or...  depending on your understanding, of these things I write

Knowing them to be all true; they had you killed that night

For then a different picture, of you they’re bound to issue

A fabricated pack of lies, truth without a tissue


For them it’s really easy, to fill your head with crap

Then make you pass it on, as your vitality they sap

At first you thought the words you sang and wrote were all true

And, I guess at first they were, till their writers got to you


Tavistock know from history their puppets all comply

To sing and dance and play their tune, to perpetuate their lies

Played in reverse some words, I have heard it say,

Tell a different story, so go and have a play


Conspiracies abound, about the stars gone by

Is Paul McCartney really dead, or is this another lie?

Was Bob Marley killed, because the things he used to sing

Had a ring of truth, not distracted by the bling.


A thorn in the side of his handlers every day

So they put one in his shoe, or that’s what some folk say

Not forgetting the X Beatle, John Lennon was his name

Shot because a man, in his head was told this name


Is Elvis really dead? And now bang up to date

How did Michael Jackson, really meet his fate?

Just another name to conjure, thrown in the mix

Like countless famous rappers badly need a fix


Do you want to emulate these poor lost lonely stars?

With this the end result, aren’t you better where you are?

Make it on the X factor and watch all this unfold

Some times the truth will hurt, or so I have been told


When the judges say...  “This is not for you”

Don’t give up your day job, whatever it is you do

Yes we have seen, real talent on this psycho show

As anyone that’s watch it, will undoubtedly know


As standing in line thousands daily wait

To have their own auditions, for them it’s not to late

But for the one or two who make it, and those standing at the top

To you I wish say, I truly judge you not.




5G is a lie ►



Mon 3rd Dec 2018 15:18

I sometimes wish I was not such a cynic Jon.


Profile image

Jon Stainsby

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 15:12

I have to admit I have watched a few of the (better) artists on youtube. 😂


Mon 3rd Dec 2018 15:05

Thank you Anya and Jon for liking this.

I watched the final last night and have to say (I can't believe I'm saying this) It was great entertainment.


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