Castle in a Cove

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The treasures of a rhythm saved from the knaves

and their descendants on a fact list,


The feathers of a griffin made into blades

at the insistence of the blacksmith,


Stop by the courts or the tomb of a

brother laid at home,


Hot iron forged in the womb of a

mother made of stone,


Trees and the faun where the

heartless are fleeing,


Geese in the pond and the

darkness receding,


Battles buried like problematic omens

after the assortments of legal pills,


Candles carried in monastic moments

captured by the torches and beetle-kill,


Planning their deception when their hearts boil like if

clouds exploded in the harbor,


Standing at attention like a gargoyle with its

mouth eroded from the water,


Kings in the dragon maws with

ropes for their people cut,


Drink to the demagogues and

smoke to the evil fucks,


Snow slurry and miso as chills

fill them to store the light winds,


No worries my hijo, for we’ll

kill them before the night ends.




Stupefy their hearts for later when they

lost heart like things could,


Crucify the arbitrator on a

cross carved from beechwood,


Crosswords to learn as the table swings

in the classes for the broken,


Soft words will burn like they’re angel wings

in the ashes of the omen,


Clashes with a heart’s tune when the

glass is in a battle pose,


Ashes of the dark moon and the

ashes in the castle’s cove,


A prize is gold rich and buys some

old whips as it paints it like a sprite,


With ice and goldfish the size of

whole fists in the blanket of the night,


Ten armies quake war and ambience with a

rose bleeding hearts when sundered,


Dead bodies make poor companions for

those seeking warmth and comfort,


To pad our choices with a smile on the face

when frowns are the slack in a hell,


We add our voices to the pile as the wave

is drowned like a cat in a well,


Beside the cuts on the Reeboks

is the sorrow we left in dreams,


Tonight we strut like peacocks,

but tomorrow we rest like kings.

better daysBig SalLove losttomorrow comingVerisimilitude: Volume 2

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Big Sal

Sun 25th Nov 2018 12:51

Thanks for reading, Kevin.

That is actually a great idea, and I may go back and record an audio track for each of these free poems I am doing.

Keep an eye out for when it is up. But regardless, thanks.👍

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kJ Walker

Sun 25th Nov 2018 09:48

Great rhythm. I couldn't pick a favourite line as I would give each one the same regard.
I would love to hear an audio to this, which is a cheeky request, as I don't yet post audios myself.

Cheers Kevin

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Big Sal

Sat 24th Nov 2018 20:21

Mad respect for noticing all that you do, Po, especially in regards to people's work. It brings out the best in people to have someone genuinely interested and peeking in, so thank you.

Feel free to stop by any time and critique whatever may be my next, latest, greatest flop.

Do take care.😎

(Also, be on the lookout for all the new poems I am going to be posting up in the coming days as they will all offer something a little different!)

And thanks by the way for the typo, I always like to perfect the piece and will always relish the opportunity to do so!


Sat 24th Nov 2018 18:44

Good afternoon big guy

I love the line at the start of this catacomb
…” The feathers of a griffon made into blades
at the insistence of the blacksmith,"

Being the owner of a genuine Katana and understanding the importance of the forge
(btw, the line “Hot iron forged in the womb of a mother made of stone,” )
Is bloody masterful.. it made my blood run cold
The imagery here is second to none my friend.

BUT: Please dog gone it, can you change the o to an I the image of that poor little terrier is more terrifying than risking your wrath pointing this out.

Some of my best mates are half lion and half eagle!

I hope you don’t think this is the tail wagging the dog. pun intended

I promise that was/is never my intention!

I have to say Big Sal that waiting for your next piece, I would liken to dropping a feather, from said wing, in to a canyon and waiting for the echo!


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Big Sal

Sat 24th Nov 2018 18:31

Anya, you sly fox, thank you again.

I always appreciate your words.🌷

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Sat 24th Nov 2018 18:20

Always a pleasure!!!! 😘

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Big Sal

Sat 24th Nov 2018 18:15

Thank you, Ray! Your input is very valuable to me, as I know what kind of power your own work holds with its own merits.

I appreciate you reading. If I may, all I can do right now is to continue to suggest that if you like these pieces, then watch out for what comes in the future.

I strive only to improve, but hearing your weighted validation gives me hope.😁

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Sat 24th Nov 2018 16:16

A monument in rhyme, cast in the heat of a brain dedicated to concentration . I have a sneaky feeling you do this for pleasure Big Sal, and you certainly dig deep into the word pool - there is a sort of madness if you try to analyse too much. You are alone reigning supreme . I know my comments are much the same always, but I am reading - can do no more (for now).

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Big Sal

Sat 24th Nov 2018 13:54

Hey, Jon, I see you there. Thanks for reading buddy!😁

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Big Sal

Sat 24th Nov 2018 13:25

See, these are the wonderful people I refer to!

Thanks, Anya, that actually was my favorite line of the piece outside of the last couplet. It just came to me. I always like to know what your favorite lines are, as they usually line up with mine.😏

Taylor, thank you. I know you have a lot on your hands, and it means a great deal to still have people come by. I usually don't count my syllables, (since rhyming an entire sentence usually counts itself) but on a lot of these newer ones I have been counting them. It makes me smile knowing there is a noticeable rhythm within them.

Darren, it's always good to see your input, especially since you yourself admitted you're not too big on rhyming poetry. That's like a butcher serving a vegan because his sandwiches are just too damn good to pass up. I take it as a compliment, so thanks!

It may interest people to know that I actually write most of my poems backwards, from second line to first, from fourth to third, and so on until the poem is written. If anyone wants some writing tips or advice on rhyme, please don't hesitate to ask. Most people have to pay for poetry class for this opportunity, but I do it because I love to.😁

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Darren J Beaney

Sat 24th Nov 2018 09:33

Great piece Sal - loved it from start to finish, and really liked the last two stanzas



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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 24th Nov 2018 08:28

Fabulous. I don't know what it is with your work Big Sal, but it makes me move with its rhythm. Inside my head it is never spoken but sung....every word, every line has a beauty, which, when dissected can stand alone and shine. Simply stunning..💕

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Sat 24th Nov 2018 08:19

Dead bodies make poor companions for

those seeking warmth and comfort;

Very true...

Thank you Big Sal! Great as always! 😘😘😘

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Big Sal

Sat 24th Nov 2018 01:37

One of those free poems I wrote to release specifically for an occasion like this.

I'd like to thank anyone reading and all the supporters I already have, as you bring the brightness out of any dark day.

Nothing but brand-new FREE poetry being released from now until my next release on February 28, 2019, so be sure to sink your teeth in while you can! You never know if one of these days all my poems might get deleted from the site for one reason or another.

I hope someone can take something from this.

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