An oath is sworn allegiance proud

Some things simply not allowed

Divulging Secrets being one

This forbidden must nay be done


Higher through the ranks I climb

The steeper incline do I find

Till vertical the graph becomes

My promotion seemed finally done


Chevrons blazing on my sleeve

Innocent then and quite naive

My pips quickly turning sour

Wondering who you really are


Swelling then the ranks on high

I watch my comrade’s daily die

By my orders... nothing changed

Chains of command still remained


My orders sent, from on high

Without question, do or die

Deleting do the result the same

Insert and. Delete the names


The numbers fewer so elite

Who dears wins, more deceit

In unmarked graves their bodies lie

For queen and country they dids’t die


Each one providing another rung

All are heros, and all unsung

Climbing higher up the chain

I reach the top, resolve the same


To penetrate this Jericho wall

And witness as it tumbles, falls.

Safe within so they believe

Never have they been deceived


Complacency was their undoing

Unaware of what’s ensuing

Impenetrable as their numbers

They believed as they slumbered


Those Heros spoke of, all unsung

THEIR ranks I am now among

From the silence first a murmur

Begins to shake their terra-firma


That trumpet rally “last post” call

Begins to crack the fortress wall

All in Unison our battle cry

Not in vain dids’t we die


A tumultuous cry from within

Their wall now gone, all see their sin

Ours was not to reason why

Simply just to do and die


Vengeance truly is not ours

For it is God’s....His the power

Brimstone brewing, His eternal fire

Awaits these sinners upon his pyre




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Sun 9th Dec 2018 10:41

That my friend is so deep, if you dropped it, it would take an eternity to hear the echo.

<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 9th Dec 2018 09:33

I dont read to comment, i read bcz it captures my soul. Wisdom unfolds many a truth that knowledge fails to disclose.

Brave hearts!!! Keep writing Po.


Sun 9th Dec 2018 08:12

Ghazala I feel so proud to have your presence and heartfelt comments on my posts I salute you.

Reading between the lines is never easy... writing between them is even more so.


<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 9th Dec 2018 04:16

well written!! so deep and well planned as a leader commanding the best to his army...?

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