Nick the Dog

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Sick of the happy luck sappy in a

daily spell at a solemn table,


Nick was a family mutt happy to be

raising hell like a fallen angel,


Stay blind coming to hopes with bricks to lift

and paid with the human urns,


Canines running the roads with Nick amidst

the shade of the junipers,


Someone passed the building to lick the

cracked brook’s convection,


Mama had a feeling, but Nick - he

had good intentions,


Archers formed like bombs when awaiting

 battle in their hills,


Farmers warned my mom that he

was chasing cattle in their fields,


We don’t suffer sin thinking others then will

cling to buttons like they’re laces,


Single-mother win bringing numbers in to

bring these brothers to their places,


Tryna live with death, it’s sick,

but we spill thought,


Mama did her best, but Nick,

he was still shot,


The broken love and war or pay of towns that

gods fed for the foolish like it’s bread,


She opened up her door that day and found her

dog dead with a bullet in his head,


Snow blind pricks lie, oh why did the pigs lie

if the karma wasn’t sacred?


No lie, Nick died, so why did the shit fly

and my mama then just take it?


Find your flow, nice and slow, grind and

grow the cherry trees that stumbled out,


I don’t know, I won’t show if skies don’t

blow and everything then crumbles down,


Time for bringing a mother grace once a day like a

spent leaf and the same rock split,


I was thinking the other day, what if they try to

get me like they got Nick?

Big Salholorimelive and let livemoving onpet lossvengeance

◄ Mohamed Bzeek

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Big Sal

Thu 22nd Nov 2018 12:36

Thank you for reading, ha'azinu.🌷

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Big Sal

Tue 20th Nov 2018 22:40

Thanks for reading, Ray.👍

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Big Sal

Mon 19th Nov 2018 03:03

Thanks Martin, your opinion is always valued here. I'm glad you continue to read what I contribute.

And Taylor, I'm glad you found something to enjoy in this piece. As I said before, many more pieces await!😎

If everyone likes this piece, then please keep an eye out for the following poems from the e-chapbook I will eventually post up.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 18th Nov 2018 21:01

Love it Big Sal..although it has elements of tragedy it makes for wonderful reading. Great poem..💕

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Martin Elder

Sun 18th Nov 2018 19:33

For me this has shades of the beat poets about it in the way it is written and in its content which would also make it a good live piece.
Nice one

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Big Sal

Sun 18th Nov 2018 19:05

Thanks for enjoying the piece walkingman, I had a long day a few weeks back and the result was this. Glad some new readers of my work could find it interesting.👍

Thank you for reading and listening to the tale within its lines, Hannah. It is with a heavy heart that I admit this story is an old one, but very much true.

Appreciate everyone reading and commenting.😁

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Hannah Collins

Sun 18th Nov 2018 18:23

A tragedy related in a very impressive poem.
Really enjoyed.


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Sun 18th Nov 2018 16:24

I love this line

raising hell like a fallen angel

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Big Sal

Sun 18th Nov 2018 14:48

Thanks very much for reading, Keith. And yes, this is a foretaste of more to come, for sure and definitely. I have about 2 books worth of poetry I was planning on releasing for free throughout the months until February comes.

So, please enjoy as much as you can. All brand-new work, all very much so. When I am finished copyediting every one of them, I will also release a zip file with all the free poems I have saved up so far.

Check back on my profile often because you never know when more, random-yet-raw poetry will become available from something new I have cooked up.

Thanks again, Keith.💪

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keith jeffries

Sun 18th Nov 2018 14:28

Big Sal if this is a foretaste of more to come then I can´t wait. I read it three times before I connected and then it arrived and I liked it


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Big Sal

Sun 18th Nov 2018 13:43

Between August and November, I wrote 2 full-length CDs, 3 poetry books, 2 epigraph books, 2 board games, and many other things I have yet to share.

This poem is from the original e-chapbook I postponed a few days ago, I felt it'd be a waste to let one book of free poetry sit there while the other is waiting to sell, so enjoy the following pieces I post - as they will all be from one of the free chapbooks I postponed. I still may release it in the future, but it will be a surprise announcement.

Thank you everyone.😁

(I apologize if mistakes arise, as I did not copyedit this before posting it)

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