Left on the shelf

So much mediocrity is splayed upon the page

If one is being truthful, please don’t be dismayed

If I decline to comment or give some wise critique

Most of us don’t write, the way we mostly speak


I am not a wordsmith by any shape or form

As for being a poet…  I’d hate to misinform

I do attempt a rhyme or two, if the truth be told

It could just be doggerel, if I might be so bold


I am my own worst critic never happy or content

With each line and stanza and the rubbish I lament

A dirge and mostly trite if I am easy on myself

If I’d put it in a book, I would just leave it on the shelf


There to gather dust its cover never opened

And all the poems I’ve written, never being spoken.




'God' ►


<Deleted User> (16837)

Wed 12th Dec 2018 11:02

I wish i could get to read all your poems on the shelf that are now covered with dust.....phew!!! It will take you ages to type them and send them.

<Deleted User> (16837)

Wed 12th Dec 2018 11:00

This poem reminds me of a poem I wrote a decade back titled 'I am no poet'... I could relate to your poem cz i feel the same. The urge to vent out is so strong that i fall short of time to throw it all out.

I don't care whether i get laurels n praise for what i write or not....but i do feel a need to set my soul at rest by liberating it of the thoughts chained within....it's a poets delight....haha🙌


Sun 9th Dec 2018 08:32

Proof positive Ghazala only you liked this LOL

I do not write poetry to post here for the comments to be honest.

I lurk here at WOL because I read others and find inspiration here.

'Read each others words and see the lies... Touch each other and feel the truth.'

It is not what we write, how good, or bad! our grammar is.

How we rhyme or don't! How we set out the lines and space the poem


It is how we feel and convey those feelings

This is what poetry means to me.

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