My Eleos

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To ________________


Forgotten how, my eyes to see,

The kind of light that shines from thee.

Lately, lost, forsaken days,

Dead, and spent, in empty greys.

Arced the sun in countless skies,

Whence last I saw with youthful eyes.

Now failing sparks, in hidden haze,

See blurring inks, on foxing page.

And yet she comes, this clear blue day,

In all her glory, fresh, and gay.

Cutting through my day that’s duller,

To fill it full, with all her colour.

See golden hair, in fallen tress,

Capture sunlight, in silks caress,

Refracting light, across her face,

Showing her, in all her grace.

See her eyes, of celadon,

And with them how she looks upon.

With pure love, as Eleos,

And all the gifts that she possess,

To feel the sorrow in my chest

Profer aid, absolve, confess.

And with mine sight, see passions in,

Under pure and faultless skin.

Their heat released 'cross sublime lips,

Flushed and full, the perfect kiss.

Each ebb, and flow, a rise in full.

A form so prefect, beautiful.

Each curve of her, this world does bless,

And Waterhouse depicted less.

For all his skill, could never frame,

This picture fair, and rapture flame.

Like Hylas stood, before the lake,

In awe, ardour, his heart awake.

I bow to you, oh prophetess,

Your charm, your beauty, acquiesce.

I thank you now, for all your gifts,

My sadness waned, has turned to bliss.


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Wed 21st Nov 2018 22:57

This piece is so touching...

I have only just found this site. This one poem is so inspiring.

Thank you for being.

I find it hard to read other peoples poetry, your poetry I find hard not to.


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Sun 18th Nov 2018 21:16

And thanks also to Jennifer.

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Sun 18th Nov 2018 21:14

Thanks Hannah.
Thanks Mr Walker.
Ready to put pen to paper again, with all these inspiring comments.

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Hannah Collins

Sun 18th Nov 2018 17:44

Beautiful poetry.
Great imagery.


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kJ Walker

Thu 15th Nov 2018 07:24

Really well written. It read like a classic. I always enjoy your work.

Cheers Kevin

jennifer Malden

Wed 14th Nov 2018 20:39

beautiful - beautiful - beautiful and wonderfully written.


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Wed 14th Nov 2018 16:58

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone.


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Becky Who

Tue 13th Nov 2018 14:44

This is moving and so carefully crafted. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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Jon Stainsby

Tue 13th Nov 2018 12:27

Beautifully written

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 13th Nov 2018 11:43

Beautiful poem thank you for sharing 💕

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Kate G

Tue 13th Nov 2018 10:50

Wonderful on many levels.

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Tue 13th Nov 2018 10:20

Hi there Beno,

This poem is so stunningly beautiful! I am beyond myself! I know who my Eleos, would be...

Thank you for it so much!!! Just stunning!

Anya 😘

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